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I seeded some grass last year in some old fields and this is the stand I got.  Damn it's nice.  I've always heard how hard it is to establish a grass stand but this was real easy.  Just used an old grain press drill and seeded it deep.  Did the same thing this year on another field and it looks like I got a good stand there too.  We will see next year when, and if, it fills in.  Taken 6/7/2006.
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The sun rising on yet another hot day in Montana.  Taken 7/21/2007.
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Nothing special here, just a picture of some of My Darling Wife's chickens.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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The sun rising on another hot day in the Big Sky.  The colors it gave just made me feel hot.  Taken by My Darling Wife on 7/29/2006.
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Just another cute calf picture.  I can't resist.  Taken 3/31/2006.
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Taking pairs to the Williams Place.  It was beautiful out.  I don't call it God's country for no reason.  Taken 5/21/2009.
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Sunrise in the great state of Montana.  Taken 9/2/2007.
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This old tractor sitting by what is called the Cook Camp has always intrigued me. There are a few old tractors laying around these hills but this one has always fascinated me.  Taken 10/16/2007.
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Just a Montana sunrise.  Taken 10/23/2007.
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Two of My Darling Wife's chickens.  Right now they are laying over 18 eggs a day.  The big problem with that is we can barely even give them away, let alone sell them.  We have them for our personal use and sure do enjoy the eggs but I sure wish they were easier to get rid of.  Taken 3/16/2006.
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This is one weird looking chicken My Darling Wife got with this batch.  The company she gets them from usually throws in one free exotic chicken with every order and this one must be it.  I think it is the first one that has ever survived.  Taken 8/1/2007.
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One of the old men of the place.  Sox, the barn cat, here looked like hell earlier this year but is looking good now.  Now that he is feeling better he wants more attention too.  Taken 8/26/2007.
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Crested Wheat Grass.  There is quite a lot of this domesticated grass scattered all over the country any more.  It spreads like weeds.  The cattle don't particularly like it when it is tall and old like this but will eat it if there is nothing else around.  A little rain at this time of year will cause it to sprout at the roots again and then the cows really love it.  They reach down in the plant to get at the green and end up with a bunch of the old grass too.  Really makes for good feed, I just need some rain.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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This really caught my eye the other day.  The blue sky, billowing clouds and green grass really gave an idyllic scene.  Taken 4/24/2007.
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The early morning sun painting beautiful colors on the sky.  If you look close you can see a cow with a brand new baby calf on the left side of the picture.  Taken 3/9/2008.
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Good looking cows.  What else can I say?  Taken 11/27/2007.
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Billowing white clouds floating over the sparse Montana winter landscape.  Taken 1/19/2006.
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The tractor and baler.  This is only my second season using this big baler and I am still getting used to it.  It's quite the outfit.  Taken 7/2/2007.
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The sun coming up right behind a calf standing on the ridge line.  I know she is hard to see, but she is there.  Taken 1/14/2008.
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The cows are really starting to calve now.  There are all kinds of cute calves running around.  I might be tired from the long days and short nights, but I never get tired of the miracle of life being played out at this time of year.  Taken 3/16/2008.
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Big sky, big clouds, big land.......Big Country.  Taken 3/16/2008.
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Two new bulls that came in last week.  They are out working with the yearling heifers all ready.  Taken 4/29/2008.
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I see a neighbor of mine is trying a different way of weaning calves.  instead of pulling the calf off the cow and separating the two, they put this fancy nose jewelry on which keeps the calf from nursing the cow and more "naturally" weans the calf.  The claim is that this is less stressful on the calf and the cow.  I don't know how well it works or not.  It's interesting to see though.  Taken 10/22/2007.
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The four Gelbvieh bulls I bought from Midland Bull Test arrived yesterday.  It was nice to get them but it sure blew a hole in my day of seeding.  Nice looking bulls if I do say so myself.  Taken 4/30/2006.
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The new baler arrived the other day.  Boy is it a massive and complicated piece of machinery.  I've spent two days setting it up and getting myself familiar with how it works.  The dealer is supposed to send somebody out to help get it running when some hay is ready to bale.  I have everything set up to hook up the computer system that comes with it but I decided to let the dealer's man do that.  If he blows it up, the dealer can pay for it then, not me.  It will be interesting learning how to run this monster.  Taken 6/2/2006.
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My Darling Wife finally managed to get some pictures of some of the babies.  It's going slow with them but we are making progress, if only the weather would cooperate.  Taken 02/20/2009.
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The sun bursting forth from the clouds on a beautiful Montana morning.  Taken 9/7/2005.
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The chickens coming out to thier morning meal and enjoying it.  Taken 5/7/2006.
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Loading big square bales, I bought them last year, to feed to the cows.  Taken 12/10/2005.
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The Cavvy.  Looking for a couple of more horses but not having much luck.  Taken 5/8/2006.
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Early morning fog burning off to bring a beautiful Montana day.  Taken 3/16/2006.
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Two of My Darling Wife's 40 chickens.  We have eggs coming out of our ears.  They are enjoying the sun.  Taken 1/25/2006.
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Here is the hay stacking machine standing up a stack.  The bales are 3x3x8 and they make a very impressive stack when done.  Taken 7/1/2006.
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An old combine my Grandpa used many, many moons ago.  He always said the thing he missed most when he bought the place in Livingston was the farming.  Sounds pretty nutty to me.  I don't like the farming.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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Bottle feeding a bum calf.  Taken 4/3/2005.
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My girls helping me move cattle on 07/22/2004.
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The moon in the Big Blue Sky and over the snowy Montana plains.  Taken 12/19/2005.
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A picture my youngest daughter took the other day of the chickens.  I always like to show off her pictures when she deigns to take some. Taken 1/3/2007.
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My horse wating to be unsaddled.  He is getting a little old now but he can still do the job if I take my time.  I guess the same could be said for me.  Taken 9/28/2005.
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Another piece of old equipment that sits over at the Williams Place.  I am not sure what it is.  maybe somebody could tell me.  Taken 6/12/2006.
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Stole my daughter's camera so took a picture.  Taking the Yearling Replacement Heifers out to grass.  Done feeding them.  What a relief.  I think they feel the same way too.  Taken 4/12/2009.
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Trailing the bulls out to be with the ladies.  They were getting awfully hot and tired by this point but once they saw the ladies they forgot all about that problem.  Typical males.  Taken 6/2/2006.
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The colors of a Montana sunrise.  I know, I post a lot of these but I enjoy them.  Taken 1/29/2007.
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Some of the horses going back out to eat after I wrangled them.  Taken 3/17/2006.
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My favorite horse Paint looking for a better chunk of hay.  Taken 12/19/2005.
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My Darling Wife's new laying chicks came in yesterday.  What the hatchery calls a brown egg layer mix so who knows what breeds there are in it.  I think the older chickens sensed their replacements had arrived.  They laid more eggs yesterday than they had in a long time.  Taken 5/7/2007.
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It's amazing how bad some of the springs around here can look and smell but the cattle still think it's really good water.  I guess when you live in this dry of country stinky, smelly water is better than none at all.  Taken 10/11/2007.
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Momma and her new twin calves.  I decided to pull one of the calves to give both of them a better chance.  A cow usually can only keep track of one calf so she would have lost one of them and she is very old (15 years old or so) so would not be able to raise them both anyway.  Taken 3/15/2006.
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Finally was able to bale again after the big storm.  These big bales laying out in the field are a really strange sight to me when I am used to seeing small ones.  It takes some getting used to.  Otherwise the new baler is working great.  It takes under half the time to bale that I am used to.  Taken 6/12/2006.
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Some of the Bulls enjoying a wintry hay buffet.  Taken 2/2/2007.
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Over the weekend the guys I hired to do the stacking showed up and got the hay stacked for us.  Pretty impressive machines they used.  Taken 7/1/2006.
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This horse, Tonto, got up close and personel looking for some hay.  Taken 1/8/2006.
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One of the bums named Fred down in the cat tails.  Taken 7/19/2005.
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Four new bulls ready to turn out.  It will be a little yet before I turn them out but they will enjoy the green grass until then.  Taken 4/12/2006.
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My Great-Grandpa used this drill when he was on the place.  My dad talks about taking a turn behind it too.  That was many, many moons ago.  Taken 10/13/2005.
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The new chickens are sure growing fast.  They are wandering all over the place.  Lucky keeps trying to herd them around.  Where he is trying to take them is beyond me, but he keeps trying.  Taken 6/25/2007.
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Just another Montana sunset.  Taken 3/8/2007.
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Now that school is out, I got the girls out to help me put the bulls out.  The younger one enjoyed it.  The older one doesn't though, I make her do it anyway, it's good for her.  Taken 6/2/2006.
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Nylon looking for some feed on a nice winter day.  Taken 1/6/2006.
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Beautiful Montana sunrise.  You can even see the moon over the rocks.  Taken 1/16/2007.
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Sunrise on a cloudy morning.  The colors of the sky, not the brown ground, this time of year are wonderful.  Taken 12/11/2007.
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Had a bum around here for about a week or so.  A twin that the mom wouldn't accept.  Grafted him on a two year old that lost a calf.  He was a cute little guy, that's for sure.  Taken 3/12/2008.
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Lucky thinks the grain I am feeding Bella is really good stuff so they share, at least he looks at it like sharing.  I'm not sure Bella agrees.  Taken 11/10/2007.
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Peacefully sleeping.  These red calves are always so cute as babies.  Taken 3/17/2006.
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Three of the lucky five bulls that got to go out with the young ladies and have some fun.  They didn't seem very interested when we arrived at their destination but I am sure that will change.  Taken 5/3/2006.
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The hay piles have really lasted well this winter.  This perspective looking up at the clouds caught my eye the other day.  Taken 3/7/2008.
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We got a little snow the other day.  it didn't amount to much but it's nice to see it white around here.  It makes you think it is winter at least.  The calves are eating their hay in the background.  taken 12/31/2007.
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We finally dried up enough to get some hay chopped down the other day.  It's really nice to get the haying started.  We were lucky over the weekend and didn't get some of the wicked weather, hail, that was just north of us.  Now if it will just warm up enough to dry the hay out we will get rolling.  Sixty acres down, over 800 more to go.  Taken 6/16/2007.
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High wispy clouds against a very blue, clear Montana sky.  Taken 9/19/2006.
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Just another cute calf.  I have to do my part to raise food for the wolves you know.  Taken 2/20/2008.
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An old thresher with trees growing up around it in the Williams place.  Since this is down by the old Williams cabin I assumed he used it in his day.  The cattle seem to enjoy it for a scratching post now days.  Taken 6/12/2006.
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Sunset through the trees.  Taken 2/17/2007.
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The chickens enjoying the warm sun and dry ground on the cement pad.  They are really laying now.  We are getting over a dozen eggs a day.  Now to try to figure out what to do with all the eggs.  Taken 1/4/2008.
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The new chickens are really starting to get out and about now.  We moved them over to the regular coop and they are integrating with the older ones.  The survival rate of this bunch was a little lower than we are used to.  We are only going to end up with 12 laying hens out of 25 received.  I think Mittens making a snack out of 6 of them as babies accounts for a large portion of that but a couple of them deciding to take a swim in the stock tank hasn't helped the situation.  Taken 8/12/2007.
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Looking damn good if you ask me, but I might be a little prejudiced.  May 2006.
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The calves grazing on the Crested Wheat Grass hillside.  This is a real sandy, south facing hillside so the new green grass has really come in under the old grass and they are really enjoying it and doing good on it.  Taken 10/29/2007.
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The 4 bums named Fred on 7/3/2005.
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Another beautiful sunrise in the Big Sky Country.  Taken 10/15/2006.
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Getting the bales stacked.  Same type of machine, different people doing the job.  It's going to take a few days but the job will get done.  If I tried to do it myself I estimate I would be at it 3 weeks getting them all stacked.  This machine will finish in a few days.  Taken 7/12/2007.
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Chow Time
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Nylon waiting for his dose of oats.  The sun behind him created a nice backdrop.  Taken 1/16/2006.
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Pregnant yearling heifers.  Taken 11/15/2004.
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Cool Clear Water.  Taken 10/11/2007.
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I know this is an alfalfa field but it really struck me how green and pretty it was out and about.  Taken 5/1/2006.
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Cute calves, what more can I say.  Taken 2/26/2008.
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The chickens are very happy with the heifers being around home.  Lots of stuff to scratch up and peck at.  Between the scratch feed and warmer temperatures their egg production is really taking off.  Taken 2/16/2008.
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The new chicks at two weeks old.  My Darling Wife says they are at the ugly stage.  Far be it from me to argue with her.  Taken 5/21/2007.
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The sun rising on another day.  I loved the colors.  Taken 8/4/2007.
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Baling the last of my "hay."  This very mature hay barley finally got put in the bale.  Still high in nitrates but I have to get it off the field.  Taken 8/12/2006.
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The replacement heifer calves peacefully grazing on a hillside.  They've been on a protein tub type supplement since weaning and have been doing great.  It's about time to start feeding them though.  Nutrition levels are getting pretty low in the feed.  Taken 12/12/2007.
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Some of My Darling Wife's chickens huddled up against a building on a cold day.  The sun really reflects off this building so when it is cold the chickens really like to group up here.  Taken 11/28/2007.
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The sun rising on a new day.  My Darling Wife snapped this while waiting for the bus to come.  Taken 4/3/2006.
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Sunset in Montana.  Taken 7/27/2007.
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The colors of an early morning sunrise on shipping day.  Taken 9/29/2007.
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Some of the replacement heifer calves this year.  I was getting a little shy of color in the herd so I kept a couple of red ones.  I like to see that color once in a while.  They must be a little prejudiced though.  They are always hanging together like the black cattle aren't good enough for them.  Go figure.  Taken 11/15/2007.
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The dry, brown landscape that has taken over this spring.  It's really getting me down.  Nice picture though.  DISCLAIMER.  My Darling Wife took this picture.  I'm having a hard time taking any pictures of the dry landscape.  I guess if I don't take pictures, it doesn't exist.  Taken 4/6/2008.
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I found two more calves that weren't doing very well yesterday while feeding.  So now I have three bums to take care of.  Fun, fun.  Taken 3/21/2006.
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One of the new chickens this year.  I don't know what this ones problem is but she is a real trouble maker.  It seems like every batch has one.  Taken 9/4/2005
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The horses patiently, for a change, waiting for their hay.  I guess the weather is nice enough they can wait better.  Taken 1/8/2006.
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Some of the calves eating their cake.  Not all of them have learned to eat it yet.  now that we have started feeding hay the rest should learn no problem.  Taken 12/25/2007.
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I managed to finally get the bulls out.  I was a few days later than normal due to all the moisture we have been having recently.  It isn't quitting wither.  The are predicting one to three inches of rain in the next 36 hours and have issued flood warnings for the area due to the all ready saturated ground.  Can you say watter logged?  You can see my two helpers, my daughters, chasing the bulls in the picture.  The hired hand hasn't started yet and I needed help getting the bulls out so they were drafted.  The oldest is a hell of a hand but hates every minute of it.  The younger one has the better instincts and really enjoys it, but is a lot more tentative and needs a lot more seasoning to really make a hand.  Taken 6/5/2007.
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The buyer was really impressed with the few red colored ones in the bunch.  He claimed they did a lot better than the others.  I think with their color they just stand out more.  The are the same breeding as the black ones so how they "do so much better" is beyond me.  May 2006
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I swear when Mittens yawns you can see the tip of his stubby little tail.  Taken 1/25/2007.
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A dog, a cat and a calf.  Quite the meeting of the minds.  Momma was to busy eating to notice her baby was near these ferocious critters.  Taken 3/15/2006.
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The newest bum on the place.  He was in really tough shape when I found him but he is starting to get better now.  He still can't take a full bottle of milk because he is too weak but his strength is starting to come back up now.  Taken 4/16/2006.
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This calf sure found a nice comfortable place to lay.  They are not dumb though, they always seem to find the nice dry, warm spots to lay down.  Taken 2/8/2008.
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The heifers have had their first calf.  Born the evening of the 3rd.  The Hired Hand swore we wouldn't have a calf on the ground till the 15th of the month.  I told  him we would have at least 10 by then.  He definitely was wrong, now we will see if I am right or not.  Taken 2/4/2008.
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Boy, it's that time of year where there are some really beautiful sunrises.  Thought I would share another one.  Taken 11/13/2007.
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That warm sun feels so good shining on me.  I think I will Take a nap.  Taken 2/7/2006.
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One of the two loads of hay I feed every day.  Busted a spring on this trailer the other day.  Luckily I had the parts to fix it.  Taken 1/30/2008.
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The calves eating on their ration of hay.  None of the cattle are real fond of the hay I am feeding but I tell them "tough, it's better than a snowball."  For the record the hay is year old wild hay which is real grassy and dry.  It needs fed and then we will be onto good alfalfa.  Taken 12/28/2007.
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May 2006
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The neighbors bull that got in last year sure threw good looking calves.  I'll have to compliment him.  Taken 5/11/2008.
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The large amounts of smoke in the sky from the fires in the area had the sun coming up very red yesterday.  I wanted to call it an angry sun.  Why is it the color red like this makes us think of anger anyway?  Taken 8/15/2007.
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Please believe me here, the cat Mittens is trying to get Lucky to play with him.  None of the other cats around will play with him so he is always trying to get Lucky to play with him.  Sometimes it works out but this time it didn't, Lucky had other things on his mind.  Taken 1/16/2007.
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The sun rising on a cold morning on Sarpy Creek.  I'm tired of this cold weather.  It makes it hard to take care of things.  Luckily it is supposed to be warming up now. Taken 1/14/2007.
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The cows deciding to eat the grass hay on a drier southern slope. They are looking good.  Hope the weather holds.  Taken 3/1/2008.
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Finally got the first calf on the cows.  I don't know what they were holding on for.  Usually I have one by the first but this year they stuck to schedule a little better.  Taken 3/9/2008.
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The sun breaking through the clouds.  We still have a little layer of snow on the ground.  Not like the areas around us that have no snow at all.  Up by Billings they even had a range fire it is so dry.  Not a problem here.  Taken 1/12/2008.
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Sunrise on the Fourth of July.  It was a great natural display on such an auspicious day.  Taken 7/4/2006.
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Trailing the bulls through the spring pasture to Chimney Rock pasture where the ladies are.  Taken 6/1/2005.
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It definitely was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Taken 8/16/2008.
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This is one side of the barn where we calve heifers.  It has been so cold, down to 20 below, all the heifers and their calves have been going through it which makes things a pain.  The barn is unheated and can hold 6 pairs at a time.  Taken 2/17/2006.
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It was one of those bright, clear, cold mornings yesterday.  The temperature was 10 below and the sun was shining.  It makes for a crystal clear look to the air.  The cows were sure enjoying the sunshine.  Taken 12/2/2007.
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Sleeping Baby.  Taken 3/17/2006.
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I was working on a waterhole and Beau had to come over and check out what was going on.  He is a very friendly horse compared to the rest of them.  Taken 11/22/2006.
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My youngest daughter took this picture of Nylon the other day and I just loved it.  The way she framed it and with Nylon looking back I was really impressed.  Taken 1/3/2007 by my Youngest daughter.
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Blue sky, warm temperatures, baby calves running around, it don't get much better than this.  I hope it doesn't mean it is going to turn nasty come March.  I don't need that.  Taken 2/19/2008.
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Tiger, the new cat around the place, thinks she owns the place.  You know how cats are.  Taken 7/2/2007.
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I noticed that the trees are starting to turn a little bit.  It seems a little early to me.  I was wondering if they were turning because it was time or are they turning because it is dry?  I'll probably never know the answer.  Taken 9/2/2007.
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You can see the water running over my diversion ditch to run down into the corral.  After much work we got the water flowing through the ditch right and drained the water out of the corral.  What a mess.  You should see it when there is a lot of snow to melt.  It's really a pain.  Taken 2/27/2006.
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We started on the last field and I had to take a picture.  I planted this grass/alfalfa stand last year and wasn't even sure i got a stand it was so dry.  This year the alfalfa is 4 feet tall and the Pubescent Wheat grass is over 5 feet tall.  I have never seen, nor cut hay this good before.  It's making a windrow of unbelievable proportions.  Lots of feed for the cattle.  Taken 7/4/2007.
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This wasn't taken at the ranch but it is a spectacular sunset My Darling Wife took in Hardin.  Taken 09/28/2005.
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May 2006.
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Brining some cows up to kick out to the spring pasture.  it was a beautiful day for such a ride.  Taken 4/14/2008.
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The wild plums are finally blooming.  It sure seems late for them but i guess they won't freeze this way.  I could make a fortune if I could bottle the smell of these plums.  My was it sweet.  Taken 5/19/2008.
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This big red/white face calf really caught my eye.  I could tell mom had a tough time having him but they appear to be getting along well.  Taken 3/24/2007.
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My new Gelbvieh bulls were delivered yesterday.  These guys won't go out to the cows for another month yet but it's good to have them on hand.  Taken 5/1/2007.
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I had my youngest daughter out riding with me yesterday.  I sent her down to get some bulls while I fixed the gates.  She got behind them and was bringing them up the fence like a champ.  I've had to bring her along a lot slower than the oldest with horseback riding and working cattle but it has been worth it.  She likes it better and is doing as good if not a better job than the older now.  Taken 9/21/2007.
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The heifers enjoying there lunch after they got home.  I told my Darling Wife that this is the first hay that I put up in 2008 that I have had to feed.  So far everything I have fed was put up in 2007 or earlier.  My dad always said, "Hay in the stack is better than money in the bank."  I agree.  Taken 02/01/2009.
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The two twins that I have pulled off their mommas to raise separately.  They both are taking a bottle real well.
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Mittens and Buster following me home after an evening walk with My Darling Wife.  Taken 4/25/2007.
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The Sarpy coal mine drag line at work.  While delivering bulls home yesterday I got really close to it.  I was so close that the hills in front of it blocked the view so this is the best shot I got.  Damn the thing is loud.  How anybody can live close to it is beyond me but the place I delivered to sure enough does.  Taken 10/8/2007.
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A bull enjoying the early morning sun.  All the black critters really enjoy the sun on these cold mornings.  It freezes them in place while they soak it up.  Taken 12/01/2006.
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The clouds in the sky gave a interesting feel to this picture.  Those are the calves you see at the bottom of the picture.  Taken 12/27/2005.
Viewed: 3923 times
Viewed: 3919 times
This calf doesn't seem to know what to make of the chicken going by.  A lot of times the new mothers won't even let the chickens in the pen with thier babies.  It's real funny to see a cow chase a chicken off.  Taken 2/9/2006.
Viewed: 3919 times
Ole patiently waiting for me to trim his hooves and saddle him so we could take the yearlings out.  Taken 4/14/2007.
Viewed: 3913 times
It's been pretty hot and sunny lately.  These clouds were sure nice.  Taken 7/10/2007.
Viewed: 3911 times
Mittens begging me for some attention.  He is the aloof barn cat all summer long but once late fall/winter gets here he all of a sudden thinks he needs lots of attention and a place in the house.  What a wimp.  Taken 11/5/2007.
Viewed: 3910 times
Paint wondering what the heck I am up to with the camerae.  Taken 6/25/2007.
Viewed: 3907 times
Four new bulls that I bought a couple of weeks ago.  Angus bulls from some little breeders in the area.  They were really nice bulls that were not overfed or gussied up.  A lot of the big guys over feed their bulls knowing that fat can hide a lot of problems.  Not a problem with these.  Taken 3/30/2008.
Viewed: 3904 times
Another fairly straight fence line against the natural lines of nature.  Yes, that's Lucky quite a ways out there.  Taken 12/05/2006.
Viewed: 3900 times
It's that time of year when the morning colors seem to be really spectacular.  Taken 10/03/2007.
Viewed: 3900 times
Looking good.
Viewed: 3898 times
A cow dragging her newborn calf to the feed ground.  Taken 3/13/2008.
Viewed: 3897 times
Full moon in the early morning sky.  Taken 8/10/2006.
Viewed: 3892 times
They have obviously learned what a bunk is.
Viewed: 3891 times
A curios calf approaching me trying to figure out what I am.  Taken 3/17/2006.
Viewed: 3890 times
My Darling Wife wouldn't let Mittens out so he got a little disgusted with life.  He asked the wrong person, if he would have asked me I would have let him out.  Taken 3/2/2007.
Viewed: 3887 times
Enjoying lunch.  Taken 3/17/2006.
Viewed: 3883 times
The Big Blue Sky of Montana.  I always love these pictures with that deep blue sky in it.  The moon as a counter point adds something.  Taken 7/13/2006.
Viewed: 3882 times
The moon setting in an early morning Montana sky.  I sure wish I would have had My Darling Wife's good camera for this.  It was really beautiful.  Taken 1/24/2008.
Viewed: 3882 times
Lucky patiently waiting for me to get done checking heifers.  He knows he is not allowed in the corral with the cattle so he inches in a little while waiting.  Taken 2/10/2007.
Viewed: 3876 times
Viewed: 3875 times
I bought a couple of new horses the other day at a sale.  The Hired hand is working with one he calls Tiny and I am working with this one which the hired hand named Okie.  They are both green broke 3 year olds and need some work yet but I really like them.  I've rode this one a few times now and he seems real smart and willing to learn and has no bad habits that I have found yet.  He's a real treat.  Taken 11/7/2007.
Viewed: 3862 times
Viewed: 3858 times
Cute little fella.  Taken 2/10/2006.
Viewed: 3857 times
The newborn calves not liking the wind and snow bothering them.  We sure have been getting a lot of wind lately.  Taken 2/18/2008.
Viewed: 3852 times
A snowy, cold sunrise during a Montana winter.  Taken 12/30/2005.
Viewed: 3850 times
My Darling Wife took this picture while she was waiting for the bus.  The cloud bank in the distance really looked threatening and gives a great contrast between sky and land.  Taken 1/5/2007.
Viewed: 3849 times
Over where the cows are at there is not much snow or ice but here at home we are still dealing with ice.  Nylon is not bothered by it much.  That makes one of us.  Taken 1/25/2006.
Viewed: 3845 times
The early morning sun gave some interesting highlights to the bulls as they came into feed.  Taken 01/18/2006.
Viewed: 3844 times
Green grass, blue sky, pine trees, and sandstone rock formations.  Nothing says Sarpy Country better.  Taken 5/11/2007.
Viewed: 3844 times
Yearlings coming into feed on a colorful morning.  Taken 12/01/2006.
Viewed: 3843 times
Viewed: 3837 times
Viewed: 3835 times
The Heifers and their calves that are back to their home are using this rock formation for shelter from the nasty wind and cold weather nature is inflicting on us right now.  This calf was loath to come out of the shelter of the rocks with his mom to feed.  I can't blame him.  Taken 2/16/2006.
Viewed: 3829 times
Bringing pairs up to cut out into the spring pasture.  They sure are mothering up real hard this year for some reason.  The cows are real happy to be going out though.  Fresh grass, always is attractive to them.  Taken 4/7/2008.
Viewed: 3826 times
Viewed: 3825 times
Viewed: 3823 times
A dry thunderstorm rolling in to get us.  Luckily there was no fires from it in my immediate area.  I heard reports of quite a few fires in other areas.  Taken 9/4/2005.
Viewed: 3820 times
I didn't even recognize them as my calves.
Viewed: 3819 times
This Momma cow is taking exception to this chicken being in the pen with her baby and going to chase her out.  The chicken left in a big rush.  I find it so funny to watch the heifers chase the chickens.  The chickens have no idea what the problem is.  Taken 2/21/2006.
Viewed: 3810 times
Lucky and Socks were playing together when these chickens came up and wanted by. They had quite the stand off going.  You can almost see Socks asking Lucky, "What should we do with them partner?"  Taken 2/10/2007.
Viewed: 3808 times
Viewed: 3805 times
Pulled the baby yearling bulls off of the replacement heifers yesterday.  Forty five days of breeding is enough.  If they didn't catch by now I don't need them around.  Taken 6/16/2008.
Viewed: 3805 times
The beautiful colors of sunrise in Montana.  Taken 3/1/2006.
Viewed: 3801 times
The calves coming up and waiting for their feed.  Taken 12/7/2006.
Viewed: 3799 times
Another shot of the moon as the sun was coming up recently.  Taken 1/24/2008.
Viewed: 3797 times
Lucky is just the right height that the cats love walking under him and rubbing their backs on his stomach.  Lucky isn't real sure what to do about this.  Taken 2/10/2007.
Viewed: 3796 times
Gathering some late calving cows to the branding pasture.  It was beautiful out.  Taken 5/11/2008.
Viewed: 3792 times
Lucky out for a walk.  Taken 12/30/2005.
Viewed: 3790 times
Not very often do I get close enough to the pheasants around here to get a picture. They must have been distracted.  A rooster and two hens.  Any bets on what the distraction was?  Taken 5/11/2007.
Viewed: 3783 times
Frost on the cows after a chilly, foggy night.  Taken 3/16/2006.
Viewed: 3779 times
My almost constant companion Lucky.  I thought when My Darling Wife saved him he would be her dog.  It turns out he is my dog.  Fair is fair though, she stole a cat from me so we are now even.  Taken 12/04/2006.
Viewed: 3777 times
This little guy really struck me as cute while we were sorting yesterday.  The way he stood there facing the horse was something.  Taken 4/12/2006.
Viewed: 3776 times
The view out the front of my house.  Truth be told I don't know who took this picture.  I just found it on the camera.  I think it was my youngest daughter.  She likes taking pictures.  Taken 10/24/2007.
Viewed: 3775 times
The wild plums are ripe again and there is a lot of them and they are very sweet this year.  No, My Darling Wife doesn't make jelly out of them.  We eat so little jelly that it's not worth the time nor effort.  Taken 8/16/2007.
Viewed: 3775 times
First calf heifer just discovering she had a baby.  She was really excited about it.  She cleaned it up and took good care of it.  The hired hand thought we wouldn't have a calf until the 15th, I said we would have at least 10 by the 15th.  This calf was number 10.  Shows what he knows.  Taken 2/11/2008.
Viewed: 3774 times
It looks like they made the trip well.
Viewed: 3774 times
Usually by the time snow is on the ground the antelope have left the country to go towards the river but this year the snow was so early they got caught.  Taken 10/06/2005.
Viewed: 3772 times
Trailing the two-year old heifer pairs out to pasture.  Taken 4/10/2006.
Viewed: 3771 times
Nylon living with the heifers.  I swear he is sticking his tongue out at me.  Taken 2/19/2008.
Viewed: 3771 times
Somebody enjoys the snow.  As warm as it is getting it won't last much longer for him.  Taken 12/30/2006.
Viewed: 3767 times
The red, smoky sky when the fires were so bad and the smoke was hanging in here bad.  It has cleared up some now.  I won't complain.  Taken 8/15/2007.
Viewed: 3761 times
Viewed: 3760 times
I could say, "Tanks for the memories."  Sorry, couldn't resist.  Just a couple of old stock tanks rusting away.  Taken 9/7/2007.
Viewed: 3759 times
The closest thing we can come to rain cloud in the area.  I liked the pattern the clouds made but sure wish they were rain clouds.  Taken 7/12/2006.
Viewed: 3757 times
My new Sitz Angus bulls were delivered yesterday.  Pretty fine animals if you ask me.  They are going out to the replacement heifers right away for breeding.  It's that time of year.  Taken 4/30/2007.
Viewed: 3752 times
Another morning of beautiful colors.  Taken 2/4/2005.
Viewed: 3747 times
We managed to get all the pairs cut out that I want into the high country before the rain hit.  It kept spitting on us this day but never started raining until nightfall.  This is the last bunch we kicked down to the gate.  Taken 5/21/2008.
Viewed: 3742 times
Paint coming up and seeing what I am up to.  Taken 10/02/2007.
Viewed: 3735 times
Try to take a picture and what happens, Lucky gets in the way.  Taken 12/5/2006.
Viewed: 3734 times
The cows eating their hay.  With the lack of snow you wouldn't know it's January.  Taken 1/25/2006.
Viewed: 3733 times
The cavvy enjoying their hay.  Taken 1/6/2008.
Viewed: 3730 times
Somebody put up some damn fine looking hay last summer.  Oh yea, that's right, it was me.  The cows are really loving it.  Taken 1/14/2008.
Viewed: 3730 times
Mittens sitting and enjoying the sun giving me a large dose of attitude.  Taken 12/05/2006.
Viewed: 3728 times
Cows coming to feed in near blizzard conditions.  Taken 12/14/2005.
Viewed: 3727 times
Viewed: 3726 times
My pile of branches from the storm.  It's been too muddy to haul them off so I just piled them.  I will either eventually haul them off or burn them.  Taken 10/08/2005.
Viewed: 3726 times
Mittens was sitting out and enjoying the sun.  He looked so content with life.  Taken 1/25/2007.
Viewed: 3723 times
There was a heavy ice crystal layer over everything really causing a sparkle.  it didn't come through in the picture well, damn the bad luck.  Nice picture anyway though.  Taken 12/11/2007.
Viewed: 3722 times
Biscuit guarding the flower bed on a beautiful warm day.  Taken 4/22/2006.
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Viewed: 3719 times
Three of the bums watching what is going on.  Taken 4/28/2007.
Viewed: 3719 times
Viewed: 3719 times
The calves coming into feed early in the morning.  Taken 12/30/2005.
Viewed: 3707 times
I pulled this twin calf off of his mother to give both babies a better chance.  He thought the bottle I gave him later in the day was pretty great.  Taken 3/15/2006.
Viewed: 3704 times
Our lone apple tree is getting it's blossoms for the year.  Sure are pretty.  Taken 5/7/2006.
Viewed: 3703 times
Viewed: 3702 times
My Great-Grandpa's homestead.  He lived in the area for many years before he homesteaded this piece.  My dad converted the house into a hog farrow facility.  It is now not used for anything.  Taken 10/18/2005.
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Viewed: 3700 times
A bleak, brown Christmas.  Kind of depressing.  Taken 12/24/2006.
Viewed: 3698 times
Lucky thought he needed to ride in the cab of the tractor with me.  It didn't work out very well.  Taken 12/26/2007.
Viewed: 3695 times
What do you want!!!  Taken 10/13/2005.
Viewed: 3693 times
The calves coming into feed during near blizzard conditions.  It was very cold.  It looks nice right now with the triple digit temperatures and fires burning all over.  Taken 12/14/2005.
Viewed: 3683 times
Viewed: 3681 times
Some of the heifers that have yet to calve lounging around in the evening with the moon coming up behind them.  The colors were interesting to me.  Taken 2/11/2006.
Viewed: 3673 times
Bringing the heifers home to calve.  Taken 02/01/2009.
Viewed: 3672 times
Viewed: 3670 times
My Darling Wife's newest addition to the menagerie around here.  Not quite 8 weeks old and hand fed for his whole life.  Mama got killed by a coyote.  Rowdy is his name.  Believe me, it's apt.  Taken 11/12/2007.
Viewed: 3670 times
Viewed: 3670 times
My hat per request.  Taken 11/30/2005.
Viewed: 3670 times
Tiger telling me off.  Boy she is a talkative thing.  Taken 8/26/2007.
Viewed: 3669 times
This is all the moisture that Mother Nature could manage out of the latest "storm."  Less than an inch of snow.  Boy, we could really use some significant moisture around here.  Taken 4/21/2008.
Viewed: 3667 times
May 2006
Viewed: 3664 times
One of the heifers wondering what I am up to.  Taken 2/9/2008.
Viewed: 3656 times
Boy it was a nice day yesterday.  It's warming up and the ground is starting to thaw.  I guess I will have to get the hired hand on fences so we can turn the cows out to the hills.  Taken 3/15/2008.
Viewed: 3655 times
Rounding up the cattle for branding.  Friends and neighbors scattered across the flat bringing them towards the corral.  It was a beautiful day for branding.  Taken 5/21/2006.
Viewed: 3654 times
The calves enjoying a dry spot to lay during a break in the storm.  I would guess we had 12-16 inches of snow.  The tractor you see in the background is used for plowing snow when it gets to deep.  I haven't had to use it much in the past couple of years but it sure is handy when it does snow a lot.  Taken 3/29/2007.
Viewed: 3653 times
The Moon rising on a very cold evening.  Taken 2/1/2007.
Viewed: 3649 times
Some of my neighbors passing through the yard to go camp at my branding corral.  It is not unusual for them to do this but the horse drawn wagon is new.  I guess gas prices are just to high now.  Taken 5/19/2006.
Viewed: 3649 times
A cold, snowy, Montana morning.  You will note the cattle bunched up in a tight huddle for warmth on the left side of the picture.  Taken 2/10/2007.
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Viewed: 3643 times
Drilling a new well to replace a well that isn't pumping very much any more.  Taken 5/25/2006.
Viewed: 3642 times
Wild Sunflower in Bloom.  Taken 8/14/2006.
Viewed: 3641 times
With all the moisture we have had there are puddles of water all over the place.  The cattle sip water out of them but Lucky has a different use for them.  They are so nice and cool he can't help himself.  Taken 6/10/2007.
Viewed: 3639 times
Here is Buster demanding attention that is due him since he is a cat.  Taken 10/17/2006.
Viewed: 3637 times
Another beautiful sunrise in "Gods Country."  Taken 10/18/2005.
Viewed: 3634 times
An alert Lucky.  It's not very often that we manage to get a good picture of Lucky.  He is always on the move.  I didn't think he knew how to sit still.  Taken 7/22/2006.
Viewed: 3629 times
The snow and the wind make interesting patterns with the snow.  We have been getting slight snow showers and way to much wind for the past few days making life tough.  It supposed to keep it up and get really cold for the next few days.  Loads of fun.  Taken 1/17/2008.
Viewed: 3629 times
Lucky and Mittens playing.  I know it doesn't really look like playing but it is.  Taken 12/4/2005.
Viewed: 3627 times
May 2006
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Viewed: 3624 times
Feeding hay early in the morning as the sun rises.  It's so dark yet the horses didn't come through very well.  It looks like Yellow and Danny standing there waiting for feed.  Taken 1/7/2006.
Viewed: 3623 times
This is Nylon from about a year ago.  His age is really starting to show nowadays.  I am really having to pour the grain to him to try and keep him in shape this winter and his arthritis is really bothering him.  It's hell to get old.  Taken 12/27/2006.
Viewed: 3623 times
Gathered the yearlings and moved them to a different pasture yesterday.  I had two bulls with foot rot with them in the past few days so I decided it was time to pull the bulls, normally I do it the first of July so I am only a few days early, and move them so I could look them all over for foot rot.  I ended up taking 6 critters home and doctoring them for foot rot.  Hopefully the problem will be over now.  Taken 6/26/2007.
Viewed: 3622 times
A calf trying to wake up from his nap in the sun.  Taken 3/3/2006.
Viewed: 3622 times
The heifer calves being brand inspected as they come off the scale.  They were really spooked by it for some reason where the steers were a lot calmer.  Taken 9/29/2006.
Viewed: 3621 times
It sure looks nice and warm there in Kansas.
Viewed: 3620 times
The colors seem so vibrant this year and the cattle look so great.  Montana Beauty.  Taken 6/3/2007.
Viewed: 3619 times
Viewed: 3618 times
The wild roses are in full bloom now.  They have been for a few days but I have been too busy to get a picture.  I made the time and got one yesterday.  Everything seems more fragrant this year.  More than usual.  Wish I could link the smell, they are very sweet this year.  Taken 6/5/2006.
Viewed: 3618 times
May 2006
Viewed: 3616 times
The moon setting behind the hill on a frosty morning.  Taken 3/16/2006.
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Viewed: 3613 times
Christmas morning sunrise.
Viewed: 3611 times
The ants crawling on this sagebrush caught my eye.  Taken 8/26/2007.
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Viewed: 3609 times
Two of the cats, Socks and Sam enjoy the sun after the cold weather.  Taken 2/18/2006.
Viewed: 3607 times
I found this calf with foot rot yesterday and doctored him.  It has been years since the last time I seen a calf with foot rot.  I get it in the yearlings and cows on occasion, but calves, no.  I'm keeping him and his mom close for a few days so i can hit him with medicine again to make sure he is cured.  Taken 7/10/2006.
Viewed: 3607 times
Kicking pairs out into the spring pasture on 4/12/2005.  We sort them horseback one pair at a time.
Viewed: 3604 times
The setting sun throwing patterns on the clouds.  Taken 2/26/2006.
Viewed: 3604 times
Getting a few more pairs to take up to where the Two-year olds are at so we have enough to brand there.  Taken 4/25/2006.
Viewed: 3601 times
Beautiful sunrise this morning.  Taken 11/18/2005.
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Viewed: 3600 times
Mother standing protectively and proudly  over her new baby.  Taken 3/10/2006.
Viewed: 3597 times
I knew there was still two bulls missing back in the Williams place.  I've looked and looked for them but the weather was too hot and they were holed up.  I made a stab at finding them yesterday and there they were.  No problem.  It's nice to finally get everything gathered up.  Taken 10/3/2007.
Viewed: 3595 times
The yearlings, like everything else around here, are getting fat and sassy.  It sure has been a good fall on cattle.  Taken 16 NOV 2008.
Viewed: 3595 times
The glow of a Montana sunrise in December.  Taken 12/4/2006.
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Viewed: 3588 times
Morning Sunrise.  Taken 12/10/2005.
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Viewed: 3583 times
Lucky was having quite a standoff with some cows while I was working at tarping a hay stack.  I never could figure out if he was trying to protect me or play with the cows.  Either would be his MO.  Taken 10/13/2007.
Viewed: 3581 times
Replacment heifers.  Taken 10/13/2005.
Viewed: 3580 times
Momma and the twins that were born a couple of days ago.  they are cute little devils.  Taken 3/9/2006.
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Viewed: 3575 times
Some of the neighbors roping calves for the little branding.  The wind was blowing like hell making it a very difficult branding day.  Ropes don't sail to well in high wind.  Taken 4/28/2006.
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Viewed: 3571 times
Hey, I think that's mine.  Taken 12/7/2005.
Viewed: 3570 times
The sun rising on another hot, dry day.  It looks so beautiful, I just wish it would bring some relief.  Taken 7/18/2006.
Viewed: 3570 times
We struck water at the new well.  Ten gallons per minute.  I was hoping for that much.  Taken 5/25/2006.
Viewed: 3569 times
Low lying fog after a spring rain.  Taken 3/31/2006.
Viewed: 3565 times
I guess we can get some moisture in this country.  Snow on the second of May is a little ridiculous, but it is moisture.  Taken 5/2/2008.
Viewed: 3564 times
The sun reflecting off a sheet of ice that never seems to melt.  The horse in the upper part of the picture is Beau.  Taken 1/6/2006.
Viewed: 3563 times
I was trying to take a picture of the moon and the way the morning light was reflecting off of the grass.  It didn't work to well but the colors and light were intriguing to me.  I was branding at a neighbors this day and the country is the Tullock Creek country.  The open, treeless look is what a lot of the Tullock country is like as compared to the pine trees and Sarpy Country.  Taken 6/3/2007.
Viewed: 3561 times
A bee doing his job on this sunflower.  Taken 8/5/2007.
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Viewed: 3551 times
Quite a bit of heavy, wet snow for this early in the season.  I am sure glad I got my calves out of here.  Taken 10/5/2005.
Viewed: 3551 times
Mittens enjoying the sunshine.  Taken 1/25/2006.
Viewed: 3548 times
A coming two year old heifer and a replacement heifer calf standing on the fence beside each other.  Looking pretty good if you ask me.  Taken 11/15/2007.
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Viewed: 3547 times
Viewed: 3546 times
The replacement heifers peacefully grazing on the volunteer barley coming up.  It sure is nice to have them out of the corral and grazing green grass.  Taken 10/02/2006.
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Viewed: 3533 times
First rays of the morning sun striking the frost left behind from a cold night.  Taken 3/16/2006.
Viewed: 3532 times
Persistence.  Taken 11/2/2005.
Viewed: 3532 times
Snow falling early in the morning.  It always makes things look clean and bright for a while.  Taken 1/8/2006.
Viewed: 3531 times
The calves waiting to be loaded.  Taken 09/30/2005.
Viewed: 3531 times
Sunrise on Christmas Morning.
Viewed: 3530 times
Taken 4/22/2006.
Viewed: 3524 times
The cows scattered out over the grass getting fat and sassy.  Taken 11/02/2005.
Viewed: 3524 times
Ice build up on a frosty cold Montana morning.  Taken 11/29/2005.
Viewed: 3523 times
May 2006
Viewed: 3523 times
Viewed: 3519 times
Fall colors in Eastern Montana.  Taken 10/1/2005.
Viewed: 3516 times
Getting the drys back in from their unauthorized excursion.  It always shoots my plans to hell when critters decide to go exploring and need to be gathered back up.  Taken 4/26/2006.
Viewed: 3516 times
Cows in the never ending land of snow, or so it seems like to me.  Taken 4/6/2007.
Viewed: 3515 times
Viewed: 3514 times
Tiger helping me check heifers.  If he could just figure out how to do it without getting her feet wet she would be real happy.  Taken 2/23/2008.
Viewed: 3511 times
These yearlings were really curious at what we were up to at the fire scene.  They kept wandering around getting in the way.  The Hired Hand said they were wondering why they weren't invited to the barbeque.  Taken 8/6/2007.
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Viewed: 3509 times
Viewed: 3509 times
Trailing the yearlings to fresh pasture.  There was nothing wrong with where they were at but I do need to save some grass there for later in the year so it was time to move them.  taken 6/24/2008.
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Viewed: 3508 times
The sun hiding behind a cloud just getting ready to come out.  Taken 1/10/2006.
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Viewed: 3507 times
It's that time of year again.  Time to quit feeding and kick things out to the hills.  We took the yearlings out yesterday.  Taken 4/4/2008.
Viewed: 3507 times
Tiger was sure concentrating hard here.  I'm not sure is she was concentrating on her balance or on just getting to me but she does have a look.  Taken 8/26/2007.
Viewed: 3506 times
The hired man's two dogs, Lacy and Riata.  Taken 9/6/2005.
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Viewed: 3505 times
One of the crews vehicles that were in fighting the fire.  The license plates indicate they are from the Bozeman area.  They were unable to use these vehicles because part of the fire was in such rough country they were up doing hand work.  Taken 8/1/2006.
Viewed: 3503 times
Socks coming to get some pets from me.  I haven't seen him in quite a while.  He is getting pretty old for a barn cat.  Fourteen years or so.  I'd better be looking for some younger ones.  Taken 1/4/2008.
Viewed: 3503 times
The grass burning merrily away.  At this point the wind had dies down again and the flames weren't running.  Just walking along consuming the grass.  Taken 8/6/2007.
Viewed: 3502 times
The sun coming up on another day.  I am not really looking forward to it today since I will be out looking at storm damage.  6/12/2006.
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Viewed: 3499 times
A quick look back at the calves while they were being born.  I thought about it since I was getting ready to brand.  Taken 3/15/2007.
Viewed: 3498 times
Fall is in the air and pretty colors abound.  Taken 10/1/2005.
Viewed: 3498 times
It even snowed for a while yesterday during the rain storm we were having.  As I said earlier, Feast or Famine.  By the time all is said and done I expect we will have 3 inches of moisture over the 3 day storm.  Taken 9/16/2006.
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Sharing with a friend.  Taking 12/7/2005.
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Viewed: 3489 times
The sun rising over the backs of the cows eating their cake.  There is steam rising off the cows causing the diffuse effect.  Taken 12/30/2006.
Viewed: 3486 times
The cows waiting for feed on a cold morning.  Taken 12/30/2006.
Viewed: 3485 times
New momma cow laying with her calf.  Taken 2/13/2006.
Viewed: 3484 times
Just another shot of a wild rose bush.  I've always liked the way they look and smell.  I used to have a real pretty fence full of them at the windmill but some hired man didn't like them and sprayed them out with chemicals one year.  I chewed him out but the damage was done.  Taken 6/7/2006.
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Viewed: 3482 times
On Oct 24th all these calves were tagged with eartags like the Government wants for the Herd Identification System.  Less than two months later you can see the calf in front has lost it's tag.  How is this supposed to work if they are losing the tags this quick?  Short answer, it isn't.  Taken 12/4/2005.
Viewed: 3482 times
Lucky and Bella having a meeting of the minds.  They can't figure each other out.  They both want to play but are not sure how to play with each other.  Taken 12/2/2007.
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Viewed: 3479 times
The sun just breaking over the hills casting sunlight on the hills.  Taken 01/18/2006.
Viewed: 3477 times
I think Lucky is the only one enjoying the snow around here.  He really loves to play in it.  Taken 11/20/07.
Viewed: 3475 times
Gathering the bulls to take them out to meet the ladies.  Taken on 6/1/2005.
Viewed: 3473 times
Calves waiting for feed in near blizzard conditions.  The snow was really building up on their faces, but they had to walk over a mile into the wind for feed.  Taken 12/14/2005.
Viewed: 3472 times
The frost on a fence rail before our latest batch of snow.  The background would be all white now.  Taken 1/14/2008.
Viewed: 3471 times
The finished product.  The tank full of water and the fence put back in to separate the pastures.  I think it will work real good.  there are a few leaks thanks to the hired hand not tightening the bolts enough but I will be able to fix that in another year.  Taken 6/28/2006.
Viewed: 3470 times
Some of the Replacement heifer calves grazing along on a beautiful fall morning.  Taken 10/8/2007.
Viewed: 3470 times
Some cows scattered across a hillside looking for a little green grass.  There is very little coming yet but they are sure starting to chase it.  Taken 3/15/2007.
Viewed: 3468 times
Viewed: 3468 times
The leaves are just starting to come in on the bushes around here.  Spring is here.  Taken 4/16/2006.
Viewed: 3468 times
My Darling Wife sure catches some good shots with her camera.  What a nice sunrsie, the only way it could be better is if rain was pouring out of the sky.  Taken 9/8/2006.
Viewed: 3468 times
The old Kids horse Nylon.  Was visiting with the guy we bought him from and he was born in 1981.  Looks pretty good for a 24 year old horse.  We are feeding him a few oats ever day since he is so old.  Taken 11/17/2005.
Viewed: 3467 times
These birds have nests in the rocks and were really flying around like crazy while I was around.   Taken 6/13/2007.
Viewed: 3467 times
Nylon eating his hay.  taken 1/30/2006.
Viewed: 3465 times
This calf decided to check out whether this flake of hay was better than the one she was on earlier.  Taken 11/28/2005.
Viewed: 3464 times
A calf looking up at his mom on the feedground.  Taken 4/1/2005.
Viewed: 3463 times
Calves enjoying a dry place to lay after a snow storm.  Taken 3/31/2006.
Viewed: 3462 times
Lucky thought our recent snowfall around here was great stuff.  Nothing better than to play in it according to him.  I'm sure he was the only critter around here that liked it.  Taken 3/31/2007.
Viewed: 3462 times
I got the tank installed at the new well I drilled.  It's a 25 foot steel tank with a cement bottom in it.  It supposed to hold 6000 gallons of water.  I can remember as a little boy my dad having trouble with water at this place and to this day water is a fight here.  It shouldn't be a problem any longer with this monster tank and a new well here.  The problem should be solved.  Taken 6/21/2006.
Viewed: 3460 times
A cornerstone that's not in the corner.  It's always bothered me.  Taken 1/15/2006.
Viewed: 3460 times
A little touch of winter hit again.  The cows are sure enjoying the feed.  I fed down in the brush with the wind blowing the way it was for some protection for the critters.  Taken 1/11/2006.
Viewed: 3459 times
A sample of our own personal fireworks display at the ranch.  Taken 7/4/2006.
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The horses cleaning up thier hay.  Taken 12/19/2005.
Viewed: 3448 times
The two year olds wandering to the feed ground.  Taken 12/9/2005.
Viewed: 3447 times
Mama standing protectively over her new calf eying me very suspiciously.  That's what I call a good cow.  Taken 3/15/2007.
Viewed: 3446 times
The calves grazing along during our recent snow fall.  All the other critters were wandering around looking for a hay bale to be delivered to them.  The calves don't know yet they get fed in the winter so weren't waiting for it.  Taken 11/20/2007.
Viewed: 3446 times
My dad used to have a hog pen around this rock formation.  Now it's good shelter for the cattle.  Taken 12/10/2005.
Viewed: 3445 times
Leaving the corral with bulls to go out to breed the cows.  We trail them out about 5 miles.  The rider is the hired man.  Taken 6/2/2004.
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Viewed: 3441 times
Some of the heifers pairs waiting their turn to be cut into their new home for a while.  It always works the best to stop and mother them up as you kick them into the new pasture.  Less trouble that way.  Taken 4/10/2006.
Viewed: 3441 times
Some of the yearling replacement heifers enjoying their breakfast.  Taken 1/27/2008.
Viewed: 3440 times
A little closer look at the Sharptail Grouse doing their dance.  Taken 5/4/2007.
Viewed: 3437 times
The bums out grazing the green grass.  I'm having a hard time getting them to eat their grain they so like the green grass.  Quite the problem, isn't it?  Taken 5/11/2007.
Viewed: 3436 times
Some yearling replacement heifers trying to figure out what I am doing.  I swear i have never had a more curious bunch of cattle before.  They rarely ever spook from a person.  They are more curious about what you are doing than anything.  I've been trying to breed them calmer and quieter and I guess it's working.  Taken 7/2/2007.
Viewed: 3435 times
If you look real close you can see some grouse roosting in the tree still.  It usually takes them a while to get going on these cold mornings.  Taken 1/29/2007.
Viewed: 3434 times
My Darling Wife always claims the place is held together with baling twine.  At times I think she might be right.Taken 1/25/2006.
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Viewed: 3433 times
A bunch of calves resting while thier mommas eat some hay.  Taken 3/23/2006.
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May 2006
Viewed: 3432 times
A bunch of the heifers calves playing in the sunshine.  I played with the photo a little and added an effect to it.  It gave it an interesting texture.  Taken 3/11/2006.
Viewed: 3430 times
Hey, I think that's mine.  Taken 12/7/2005.
Viewed: 3429 times
It never fails, the calves get across the creek the day before and come morning when there is ice on it they are scared to cross it.    They eventually made it across.  Taken 11/18/2005.
Viewed: 3428 times
Some of the two year old heifers crowded around me looking for their cake.  I have started caking everything since the tubs I am using are running a little lean and the cake is a lot cheaper source of protein than the tubs.  You can see some calves stalking the fence in the background looking for their handout too.  Taken 12/18/2007.
Viewed: 3426 times
Nylon was wondering what the hell I was doing.  I was just walking the dog and taking pictures.  Nylon wasn't to sure about it.  Taken 12/05/2006.
Viewed: 3422 times
It was a wet, misty day when I was up moving these cattle.  You can tell by the clouds.  Taken 5/21/2007.
Viewed: 3419 times
Sleeping calf.  They are always so cute I can't resist taking a picture.  Taken 2/21/2006.
Viewed: 3417 times
Looking down the East Fork of Tullock Creek on a cloudy fall day.  Taken 11/2/2005.
Viewed: 3412 times
It might look warm out, but it was 5 below  when this picture was taken.  The calves were enjoying the sun against the white buildings.  I'll have to admit, the strong sun felt good.  Taken 2/17/2006.
Viewed: 3412 times
Momma and her baby.  Taken 3/17/2006.
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Viewed: 3408 times
The other day I asked my youngest daughter why she liked Lucky so much when she is scared of most dogs.  She can get used to a dog but she is flat scared of any strange dog, she just knows it is going to get her.  Without blinking an eye, my daughter replied, "Lucky isn't a dog though, he is just a very large cat that lives outside."  Kid logic.  Taken  8/26/2007.
Viewed: 3407 times
This chunky guy is sure a cute fella.  Taken 3/24/2007.
Viewed: 3406 times
This calf is just under two hours old.  His mom had cleaned him up and he's had his first meal.  I love it when mom manages these things all on her own with no help from me.  Taken 2/6/2006.
Viewed: 3403 times
I haven't posted a picture of Lucky in a while so here it is.  We were out for a walk and he was getting tired.  Taken 11/12/2006.
Viewed: 3402 times
Maybe you think I post a lot of pictures of sunrise and I do.  It is such a beautiful, peaceful, clean part of the day that I just can't help but try to capture and preserve it.  Taken 8/5/2006.
Viewed: 3402 times
The sun coming up on another Montana day.  Beautiful.  Taken 8/29/2005.
Viewed: 3401 times
Sam jumping down from the shed.  Kind of gives a new meaning to cat on a hot tin roof.  Taken 10/13/2005.
Viewed: 3400 times
Less than a week ago I was talking about the beautiful fall colors and now look at the winter colors.  Hopefully this will all melt off.  I don't know though, it's pretty deep.  Taken 10/06/2005.
Viewed: 3399 times
The coming two year olds out grazing on a cold, crisp morning.  I was hoping to get the sparkle in the grass better but you can still see it some.  Taken 12/9/2007.
Viewed: 3397 times
Nylon sure doesn't look like he is almost 30 years old sometimes.  He hates it when somebody is walking around "his" pasture and prances around like a young pony keeping a wary eye on the situation.  Taken 11/10/2007.
Viewed: 3397 times
Nice and warm yesterday, 75 degrees, and today was light snow and cold, never got above 35 degrees.  Springtime in Montana.  Taken 4/23/2004.
Viewed: 3395 times
The hired man trailing in cows to the corner.  We had brought plenty to the corner, more than was easy to handle, but we won in the long run.  Got most of thewm sorted and out the gate.  Taken 4/11/2006.
Viewed: 3395 times
Calves scattered out over the grass getting fat and sassy.  Taken 11/02/2005.
Viewed: 3395 times
Had the Hired man helping me check fences today before he left.  I let him fix the fence while I checked it.  If you look real hard you can see the fence run down through the country.  Taken 4/22/2006.
Viewed: 3392 times
Six of the eight bums I have running around the place.  For some reason when there is a late snowstorm like we had, I have more bums.  I've talked to some of the neighbors and they are having the same problem with more bums than normal.  I don't know what the problem is but it is annoying.  Taken 4/30/2007.
Viewed: 3391 times
Morning Light.  Taken 2/20/2006.
Viewed: 3390 times
Resting in a dry, warm spot.  Taken 3/9/2007.
Viewed: 3390 times
The way the line of clouds had formed across the sky really caught my attention.  It was quite the sight, the picture doesn't do it justice.  Taken 9/2/2007.
Viewed: 3389 times
East Fork of Tullock creek.  I haven't seen it consistently flow such a stream in a lot of years.  It's sure nice to see, how long it will last though is anybodies guess.  Not long enough for sure.  Taken 4/11/2007.
Viewed: 3387 times
This calf had enough of being branded and is not wasting any time leaving the scene.  Taken 5/20/2006.
Viewed: 3386 times
Drag view of taking the heifers home to calve.  There is not a lot of snow but they sure didn't want to walk in it.  Taken 2/2/2008.
Viewed: 3385 times
I know they might be as little hard to see but there are three young pheasants here in the grass.  There is a guy I know that raises a bunch every year and he releases some of them out here.  He just released some about a week ago and these are some of them.  The natural babies around here aren't this big yet.  Taken 7/22/2007.
Viewed: 3385 times
My Great-Grandparents homestead.  I know I've posted pictures of it before but I was getting pictures of the moon against different scenes.  Note the moon at the top of the tree.  Taken 12/07/2006.
Viewed: 3384 times
Lucky and Mittens playing.  I know it doesn't really look like playing but it is.  Taken 12/4/2005.
Viewed: 3384 times
Ole very impatiently waiting for me.  I was gathering some drys and they were in such rugged country it was unsafe to get a horse into it.  I had to hike in and get them out a foot.  I hobbled Ole up so I could do it.  He was ready to get going again when I got back.  Taken 5/27/2007.
Viewed: 3382 times
The sun breaking over the hills illuminating the cows working their way in for weaning/shipping.  Taken 9/19/2006.
Viewed: 3379 times
Some of the calves after working them.  They are going to be beautiful replacement heifers.  Taken 10/22/2005.
Viewed: 3378 times
One of the first two calves on the cows this year.  Taken 3/4/2006.
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Viewed: 3377 times
A cow grazing out in a field of hay that i let go to seed this year.  I see more and more cows out in the field all the time now that other grass is running out.  I'm hoping by letting it go to seed it will thicken up some.  It is pretty skimpy in spots.  Taken 11/4/2007.
Viewed: 3377 times
Feeding the cows thier hay during a nasty snow storm.  Taken 12/29/2005.
Viewed: 3374 times
The wild roses are in bloom.  Somehow this is an important thing to me.  I look forward to it every year.  Taken 6/10/2007.
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Viewed: 3373 times
The lichen growing on the rocks around here is always fascinating in it's texture and detail.  Taken 01/22/2006.
Viewed: 3372 times
Sandstone and snow.  Taken 10/06/2005.
Viewed: 3370 times
Every year we buy a few bulls to breed the cows with.  These are a couple we bought in 2004.  Taken 5/16/2004.
Viewed: 3370 times
A blustery fall day out fixing fence.  The sun pierced the clouds occasionally.  Taken 11/2/2005.
Viewed: 3370 times
Clouds hanging on the top of the Wolf Mountains.  My Darling Wife got this picture on her way to the bus.  Taken 4/3/2006.
Viewed: 3368 times
The colors and view were fantastic for this picture.  I always carry a small camera with me in case of a good picture any more but for this one I so wish I had the good one with the wide angle lens.  I still don't think it would have caught the full splendor of the morning but it would have been better than this little view.  Taken 1/14/2006.
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Momma and baby.  My Darling Wife really likes these white faced calves so this picture is for her.  Taken 3/27/2008.
Viewed: 3366 times
A calf watching us feed hay.  Taken 4/1/2005.
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A calf being drug into the branding fire at our recent branding of odds and ends.  My Darling Wife was playing photographer here. Taken 6/9/2007.
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Viewed: 3359 times
Cute white face calf.  Kind of has a "what, who me" expression.  That's me in the white shirt and black hat in the background.  Taken 9/30/2005.
Viewed: 3359 times
I started feeding the calves today more so I could get them started on cake.  The horses were not thrilled that they weren't getting any.  Taken 11/15/2005.
Viewed: 3359 times
All it seems like I can take pictures of is cows and snow.  Is this really April?  Is it ever going to warm up?  Sometimes I wonder.  Taken 4/11/2007.
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Viewed: 3356 times
Last light of the day after a beautiful day.  Taken 3/10/2006.
Viewed: 3355 times
If you look real close you will see the sun setting behind the smoke of the Pine Ridge fires near Hardin.  We were on our way home from our fire and shot the picture through the remains of a fire a few years ago in the area.  Taken 7/14/2006.
Viewed: 3353 times
The brush denuded of leaves waiting for winter.  Taken 11/19/2005.
Viewed: 3352 times
My oldest daughters breeding beef project for FFA.  She is a stubborn thing but is finally starting to gentle down.  My daughter calls her Punky.  Taken 12/23/2005.
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The wild plums are in full bloom now.  I sure wish I could link the smell.  They smell great.  They could easily get frosted and there will be no plums like last year.  We will wait and see.  Taken 5/1/2006.
Viewed: 3350 times
The warm weather really has us melting the last of the snow and ice.  This weather is weird.  Taken 12/23/2005.
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Viewed: 3347 times
Sharing with a friend.  Taking 12/7/2005.
Viewed: 3346 times
Lucky being bothered by the cat with the nickname Sam.  He just doesn't know what to do with all the cats around the place.  Taken 2/6/2006.
Viewed: 3346 times
The calves I kept munching hay in the corral.  Mostly replacement heifers but there are also a few young odds and ends that I kept.  I'll keep them in the corral until Monday morning and then let them out.  Taken 9/30/2007.
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Viewed: 3343 times
Nylon and the heifer were both looking at me very expectantly.  What they were expecting I don't know but the expression was there.  I always find the evening light interesting like in this photo.  The different tones give it a softer feel.  Taken 3/14/2007.
Viewed: 3343 times
The sun coming up on another dry, dusty, brown day.  Enthusiasm is indeed lacking.  Taken 8/25/2006.
Viewed: 3342 times
We throw one of these gray claves accasionally.  Buyers don't like them but we make them take them.  Taken 9/30/2005.
Viewed: 3342 times
My Darling Wife caught this picture of a moth the other day and I found it interesting.  Taken 8/15/2007.
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May 2006
Viewed: 3341 times
Beautiful.  Taken 10/15/2006.
Viewed: 3341 times
The cactus are in bloom again this year.  Pretty if you ask me.  Taken 6/14/2006.
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Viewed: 3340 times
The sun finally came out a little and we are almost home.  Less than a mile to go.  Taken 2/3/2006.
Viewed: 3337 times
Sharptail grouse foraging for food during a light snow storm.  There were quite a few more in the area that I didn't get a picture of.  I have never seen so many around during the winter.  Maybe the coyotes will bother them and leave my calves alone.  Taken 2/22/2006.
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Viewed: 3332 times
One of the many slash piles burning late in the afternoon.  Most of the smoke still visible was from these sources.  They were letting them burn out.  Taken 8/1/2006.
Viewed: 3332 times
The yearlings eating thier hay as the sun comes up.  Taken 12/30/2005.
Viewed: 3331 times
I finished baling the last of the alfalfa on the Sarpy side yesterday.  Fifteen hundred and thirty four bales of hay.  Just over 2 ton to the acre.  I'm very happy about that.  You can't really see it all well but there are bales all scattered through this picture as far as you can see.  The Hired hand started cutting the grass hay yesterday.  If anything it is heavier than any of the alfalfa was.  Forge ahead.  Taken 7/3/2007.
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I had to bring Beau home and feed him special because he just couldn't maintain his body condition out on the range with the other horses.  He's really starting to look good now.  Here he is enjoying the sun peeking out from some thin clouds.  Taken 12/4/2005.
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There are a couple of geese around here who appear to be sitting on these rocks, watching the world go by, every time I go past here.  I wish I knew what the deal was with them, I have never seen geese hang around this country.  Taken 4/25/2007.
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I was a little behind schedule feeding this day and the yearlings were coming looking for their feed.  Once they saw me, they came on a dead run like they were starving to death.  Taken 2/26/2008.
Viewed: 3326 times
The porcupines have really been working overtime this year.  I will have to keep an eye out for them.  Taken 10/24/2005.
Viewed: 3325 times
One of my "odd colored" cows and her calf.  These "grey" ones tend to throw grey calves all the time.  I kept them because the buyers don't like the color but since they keep throwing the same color calves I am phasing them out as fast as I can.  If they are hard to sell, why have them?  Taken 3/17/2006.
Viewed: 3325 times
A horde of calves waiting for their moms to finish eating.  Taken 4/13/2007.
Viewed: 3323 times
Looking North down Sarpy Creek.  Right at the very north edge of my place there is water in the creek sometimes.  As wet as it is this year there is a lot of water there.  I haven't seen this in quite a few years.  Taken 5/15/2007.
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Looking for a Christmas tree.  Taken 12/16/2005.
Viewed: 3317 times
Our bum calves in some tall yellow weeds.  For simplicity they were all named Fred.  Taken 6/20/2005
Viewed: 3317 times
Mittens taking his morning nap in the house.  The boy decided he needed to come in the house a while back so now he gets to come in and out as he pleases.  How could I turn the boy down?  Taken 6/8/2006.
Viewed: 3316 times
This calf crawled in this tire to lay down during branding.  He actually looked very disgusted.  Taken 5/21/2005
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Sunlight filtering through the snow covered branches.  Taken 1/12/2007.
Viewed: 3312 times
Sunrise in Montana.  Taken 12/27/2005.
Viewed: 3312 times
Cattle grazing in the tall grass of a Montana range.  Taken 7/25/2005.
Viewed: 3311 times
The yearlings coming towards the feed wagon.  Taken 1/20/2006.
Viewed: 3311 times
The sun rising on a beautiful morning.
Viewed: 3311 times
The Prickly Pear Cactus are starting to bloom.  Pretty, but not fun.  Taken 6/10/2007.
Viewed: 3310 times
A large patch of yellow sunflowers.  My Darling Wife loves these flowers so this picture is for her.  I don't think much of them.  Taken 5/17/2007.
Viewed: 3306 times
It is amazing how much more contented the cattle are this year than they were last year.  All they did last year was wander around the pastures looking for better grass.  This year the grass is just fine and they like it.  Amazing what green grass can do.  Taken 5/15/2007.
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Viewed: 3306 times
Feeding some hay to the freshly weaned calves after the snow.  They sure figured out the feed wagon quick.  Taken 10/05/2005.
Viewed: 3306 times
Nothing special, just looking down the East Fork of Tullock Creek.  This one's for you JT.  Taken 12/16/2006.
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Viewed: 3305 times
The sun reflecting off the ice in a mud hole.  Mud at this time of year is unusual and takes forever to dry since it freezes up every night and then thaws, but doesn't dry, every day.  I'm tired of the mud.  Could be so dry there is no mud though so take the good with the bad.  Taken 1/27/2006.
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Viewed: 3304 times
The cows had a good scatter grazing until they saw the pickup.  They thought they were going to get fed so were following the pickup around.  Spoiled Cows, a little snow on the ground and they think they need a bale of hay. Taken 11/30/2007.
Viewed: 3304 times
The bums named Fred pulling thier ear-sucking routine.  Usually the 4th one gets involved but she is camera shy.  Taken 6/4/2005.
Viewed: 3304 times
The cows looking for a better bale of hay early in the morning.  Taken 12/19/2006.
Viewed: 3303 times
The cows out grazing after thier calves were weaned.  Taken 10/02/2006.
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Viewed: 3301 times
Not very often is the year right to get Buffalo Berries, but this year they are out in full force.  We are not big jelly fans around here but if I wanted My Darling Wife to make some it would be from these.  They make the sweetest, best jelly in the world.   it ought to be as hard as they are to pick, but well worth it.  Taken 7/31/2006.
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Viewed: 3299 times
The last of the fog burning off the tops of the hills.  Taken 3/16/2006.
Viewed: 3299 times
Sunlight filtering through the trees.  This shot really caught my eye for some reason.  Not sure why but I like it.  Taken 5/11/2006.
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Viewed: 3297 times
We got our first snowfall for the season the other night.  More moisture than we have gotten in quite a while.  Bella here was not to sure about the stuff.  She was afraid to walk in it.  I guess if you can't see it, that makes it awful scary.  Taken 11/20/2007.
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Viewed: 3295 times
Two of the barn cats, Socks and Sambo, sunning themselves on a hay bale during the cold weather.  they don't look to bad for 14 year old cats but the cold weather has been tough on them.  Taken 1/26/2008.
Viewed: 3294 times
We branded up the last twenty head of late born calves yesterday and trailed them out to pasture.  The cattle should be set for a little while now.  It's time to concentrate on Haying.  Taken 6/4/2006.
Viewed: 3294 times
The hired man got a new dog over the weekend.  He has named her Lacy.  She has a blue and brown eye.  Taken 9/6/2005.
Viewed: 3293 times
The yearlings, coming two-year olds, trudging in to their feed.  Trudging is the word to use to.  They walk all over the pasture waiting for their feed and by the time we bring it they are trudging.  Note the lack of snow when this picture was taken.  Taken 12/19/2006.
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This was taken back when we were bringing the heifers home.  The hired hand was bringing up a slow heifer to the rest of the bunch.  I titled the picture lonely because it had a very open, lonely feeling to it.  Taken 1/29/2007.
Viewed: 3292 times
I discovered this hail damage on my work truck the other day and thought it was an interesting pattern.  I have been leaving my work truck and tools over in the fields and commuting back and forth on the four wheeler to save gas so that's why I didn't notice it until now.  There are also quite a few dents in the hood.  Taken 6/16/2006.
Viewed: 3291 times
One of the yearling replacement heifers.  A little bit of green grass is coming in this Crested Wheat Grass and they really enjoy chasing it.  They are forced to get some old grass with it on every bite so it really makes good feed.  Taken 10/21/2007.
Viewed: 3291 times
The clouds taking on their color in the early morning.  Taken 1/10/2007.
Viewed: 3290 times
Brown, dry landscape.  That's all there is to take a picture of so I guess I will.  Sad.  Taken 8/28/2006.
Viewed: 3289 times
The cows waiting for their feed on a morning with a fresh skiff of snow.
Viewed: 3289 times
The snow melting on a very warm December day.  Heck, the chickens were even wandering out.  Taken 12/23/2005.
Viewed: 3286 times
A fairly rare sight around here.  Big, old Snapping turtle.  Normally you see them near water but this one was quite a ways away from any.  Must be traveling to a new watershed.  Taken 06/27/2008.
Viewed: 3279 times
Some pheasants have found the feed grounds and are cleaning things up.  Taken 2/1/2008.
Viewed: 3279 times
These two calves at home found a dry spot to lay. Notice the cow on the far right. What she is up to is beyond but it sure is a funny pose. Taken 4/1/2007.
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The sun breaking out from behind the clouds.  Taken 4/19/2006.
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This calf really caught my eye as cute while he was a baby.  Now days the calves are big enough I don't know that cute is the proper term.  I enjoy looking back sometimes.  Taken 4/5/2006.
Viewed: 3275 times
Yearlings coming in to feed in near blizzard conditions.  Taken 12/14/2005.
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The sun setting on a beautiful fall day.  Taken 10/25/2005.
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I discovered this patch of flowers last year and was not sure what they were.  Then last fall the guy working for me identified it, Dalmation Toadflax.  Toadflax is a noxious weed that can really take over the country.  I got my sprayer out yesterday and sprayed these down.  It's not a real big patch and if I keep on it I will get rid of this patch.  Taken 6/13/2007.
Viewed: 3274 times
The first calf of the season.  I really don't expect them to really start popping for a few more days but it is nice to see the first one.  The heifer had it on her own and is doing a good job of taking care of it.  Here it is about 6 hours old.  Taken 2/5/2006
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The fog lifting off the hills after a light rain storm.  It's sure been wet this fall as compared to how dry it was all summer.  No complaints from me though.  I'm sure the beet farmers are complaining.  This kind of weather makes it tough to pull beets.  Taken 10/10/2006.
Viewed: 3273 times
A very frosty sunrise.  It was the coldest morning yet this fall.  Lang johns and winter jacket sure felt good.  Taken 10/31/2007.
Viewed: 3272 times
Sunrise takes on new colors and meanings as fall comes around.  Taken 10/02/2006.
Viewed: 3272 times
On the left of this picture you see my boy out for his morning walk climbing the hills and rocks for fun.  I know it's hard to see but there is a fox on the right hand side of the picture watching him.  There is a den of fox on the hill and they are so used to him, they aren't very scared anymore.  Best viewed large to see the fox.  Taken 6/23/2006.
Viewed: 3271 times
Some of the yearlings walking down the road towards water.  We've' had some really beautiful fall days.  the only way they would have been better is if it had been raining.  Taken 10/15/2007.
Viewed: 3271 times
A steer calf wondering what the heck I was doing.  Looking things over is the answer.  taken 9/2/2007.
Viewed: 3270 times
The last time I seen any rain in the area and it slid way south of us.  Damn the bad luck.  Taken 6/20/2006.
Viewed: 3267 times
Getting in the corral the bulls we are going to use to breed the replacment heifers.  We turn them out a month ahead of the bull turnout on the cows.  Taken 5/2/2005.
Viewed: 3267 times
Two of the barn cats sunning themselves after a cold night.  Socks and Sam are thier names.  Taken 11/15/2005.
Viewed: 3267 times
Cows grazing on green grass in "The Last Best Place."
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Gathering the last of the pairs and the drys.  The drys are going to market.  There are fewer than normal for me so it was a pretty good year last year with an easy calving season.  Taken 5/8/2006.
Viewed: 3265 times
Bella, my blind calf, resting comfortable waiting for her next meal.  She is the cutest little thing I have seen in a long time.  Has a heck of a personality.  She even plays with Lucky once in a while.  Taken 10/26/2007.
Viewed: 3265 times
Coming up to the tank for a drink of water.  As hot and dry as it has gotten that has become very important around here.  Taken 7/14/2007.
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Viewed: 3262 times
A picture My Darling Wife got of one of the fox hanging around the place.  As long as they leave me alone I will leave them alone but I keep waiting for them to go after My Darling Wife's chickens.  Then I will have to thin the population down.  Taken 7/24/2006.
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A little snow in the higher country from the latest storm to hit the area.  At least we are luckier than the far eastern part of the state where they received a regular blizzard and had 5-6 foot drifts to cope with.  I hate to wish bad weather on anyone but I am glad it was them and not me.  Taken 4/19/2006.
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A finch feeder waiting for warm weather again and the finches.  Taken 11/28/2005.
Viewed: 3256 times
One of the very interesting cloud formations during last night's thunderstorm.  Taken 9/4/2005.
Viewed: 3255 times
The yearling replacement heifers entering their new home, the mountain pasture.  I finally decided the weather looked nice enough to take them up yesterday.  There isn't as much grass as I would like to see but it is coming on fast now.  They will do fine.  Taken 4/14/2007.
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This shot just entranced me.  Taken 11/18/2005.
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Bringing in some of the last cows to sort.  If someone told me it would only take 2 days to sex all of the cattle I would have called them crazy, but that's what happened.  Either the cattle are getting more used to being worked this way or the hired hand is a hell of a hand.  I keep teasing him that he must be a hell of a hand since everything is going so smoothly.  Hopefully the trend continues.  Taken 9/25/2006.
Viewed: 3248 times
The colors seem to be falling from the sky on this morning.  Taken 1/20/2006.
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I tell My Darling Wife I'm out seeing a good looking red head every day.  I thought I should share a picture of her.  Damn fine looking, isn't she.  Taken 2/14/2008.
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Viewed: 3243 times
I spooked up two antelope kids (calves, fawns?) yesterday on my way home.  I finally saw mom up on the hill a little ways away.  They ran up to her.  Taken 6/22/2006.
Viewed: 3242 times
The calf found a dry spot to lay and had a very content look to him.  He is really doing good.  At this point he needs more company though.  It will happen in time.  Taken 2/8/2007.
Viewed: 3239 times
I knew I was missing a couple of yearlings when I gathered on Thursday.  A kindly neighbor called yesterday and said he had them so I went and got them so they could be preg checked with the rest today.  Taken 8/25/2006.
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Mittens playing king of the hill.  Taken 1/21/2006.
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Here is a shot of the snow that won't leave.  Yesterday we got a couple of more inches and I see there is more on the ground this morning with another inch of snow in the forecast for today.  I am feeding in this area because it is very sandy and on a south facing slope.  Out on the level there is at least 6 inches to a foot of snow that has water entrained in it that won't go away.  Out away from this sandy area it is a muddy mess for all concerned.  Taken 4/4/2007.
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A little snow storm made things miserable and wet around here.  I guess the moisture is good so I shouldn't complain.  Why does it always happen when I start calving though?  Taken 2/9/2006.
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We had our first cloudless, sunny day in I don't know how long yesterday.  It made everything beautiful for a change.  The moon in the blue sky was just awesome.  Taken 12/07/2006.
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Viewed: 3231 times
Every now and then I get an odd color calf off my mainly Angus cows.  Here's one of them.  Quite the brown color to him.  These odd color ones are always really cute if you ask me.  Taken 2/23/2006.
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The calves were just contentedly standing in the corral waiting for it to warm up so we could work them.  You can see the frost on this ones back from the cold night.  Taken 10/31/2007.
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It's kind of fun haying this year.  I am getting enough hay that I don't mind doing it.  This field is going about 1 1/3 ton to the acre.  It is my poorest field so it will only get better after this.  Pretty good for dry land hay.  I am baling some small bales for now to have a few thousand on hand then I will start up the big baler and really get to putting some hay up.  No snowballs for the cows this winter.  Taken 6/19/2007.
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Cows in the early morning light.  This picture was taken a while ago so it is not indicative of what it looks like around here now.  Taken 9/19/2006.
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The cows and turkeys enjoying there morning cake.  The turkeys don't like the weather much.  Taken 12/4/2005.
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My Darling Wife caught this sunrise yesterday.  All I could say was, "WOW."  She said she didn't like it after she took it.  I think it's one of the best I've seen.  Taken 11/02/2006.
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Bum calf that was having trouble getting on his feet.  To keep him alive we bottled him while laying down.  Unknown Date.
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There are too many of these damn things around here.  They really tear up a haystack bad, but this little guy sure was cute.  Taken 7/22/2007.
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Viewed: 3223 times
Trailing the Bulls out to meet the ladies.  Note how green the grass is.  Quite a change from last year.  Taken 6/1/2005.
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We were out gathering the yearlings yesterday when I came across this scary sight.  Hunters.  The thought of riding around on a four legged critter with hunters of unknown quality around shooting things with four legs is very scary.  A person might get shot.  I approached them and saw they all ready had shot a couple of deer and they were heating up some coffee and eating spam.  At least they knew there were riders in the area after that.  Taken 10/13/2006.
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A beautiful rose.  This picture turned out better than I expected.  Taken 6/18/2007.
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New addition to the menagerie around the house.  We found her the other day while riding in the Williams place and got her in yesterday.  She is totally blind in her left eye and about 90% blind in her right eye.  She was having a hell of a time.  I can't see any of the usual problems with her eyes that cause such a problem so I am not sure how she ended up this way.  My wife has decided to call her Bella.  Can't have a critter around the house without naming it.  Taken 9/9/2007.
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I had to teach this calf how to nurse his momma.  He had gotten a little cold and was having a hard time figuring it out.  Once I got him going all went well.  Sorry for the quality of the picture, the lens kept fogging up in the barn.  Taken 2/17/2006.
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I've been getting a lot of low, heavy clouds lately but no rain.  Some rain would sure be nice.  Maybe I should put in an order for some.  Taken 5/23/2006.
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This calf truly thinks he is hiding from me in the sagebrush.  It wasn't working real well for him.  Taken 3/15/2007.
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Viewed: 3210 times
The fresh covering of snow the storm on the 8th left us.  It's all gone now and doesn't look as fresh and nice.  Mud's a better word now.  Taken 1/10/2006.
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Some of the calves on the heifers running and playing while we are feeding hay.  Taken 3/10/2007.
Viewed: 3208 times
Another beautiful morning in the Big Sky Country.  If you look closely at the big sand rock in the center (larger view might be necessary) you will note that it is still wet form the rain.  It takes a lot of moisture for the sand rocks in this area to hold moisture like that.  Quite a change from the months of dry weather.  Taken 9/24/2006.
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Fall is definitely in the air with the associated color changes and the change in the way the air feels.   I know, a little esoteric, but the truth.  The early morning light helps accentuate the colors here.  Taken 10/02/2006.
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Mom standing gaurd over her calf.  Taken 2/13/2006.
Viewed: 3206 times
Oh what a beautiful morning.  Taken 9/28/2005.
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If you look real close you can see the wind blowing the fresh snow on the hills.  Taken 2/14/2006.
Viewed: 3206 times
The sun coming up behind one of the many rock formations in the area.  Taken 10/16/2005.
Viewed: 3205 times
The calves coming into feed on a cold, snowy morning.  Taken 12/30/2006.
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This is the cutest little calf I have seen running around in a long time.  It doesn't show well but his ears just flop around all the time.  It really makes him look funny.  Taken 3/14/2007.
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The eight head of calves that ran the furthest from my wreck the other day on their way home.  They still had a couple of miles to go here and they were getting pretty tired.  As soon as I put them where they belonged they stopped and rested.  They were tired little critters.  Taken 10/16/2007.
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A little snowstorm again.  It didn't bother the cows much and they sure enjoyed their hay.  Taken 12/29/2005.
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Viewed: 3201 times
Can you say, "not haying weather?"  That's definitely the case here.  Cloudy, cool, and high humidity.  I haven't been having much luck putting up hay.  I think I am going to have to start using the diesel to turn the windrows to get them to dry.  I am not looking forward to it but you have to do what is necessary to get things done.  Taken 6/26/2007.
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Putting Bulls out the other day I got this picture from the mountain looking west towards home.  If you look real close at the center of the picture and slightly to the left you will see some little dots that are home to me.  Taken 5/3/2006.
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The frost building up on the grass and wire.  It was a very cold morning.  Taken 11/29/2005.
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The calves we kept as replacment heifers eating thier morning cake.  Taken 12/9/2005.
Viewed: 3194 times
The bums named Fred looking for thier bottle.  A favorite past time for them.  One of them was being camera shy.  Taken 5/16/2005
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Viewed: 3193 times
Blue Skies, no snow, spring is definitely here.  The feel in the air and the sounds of nature all change and feel more alive now than they did earlier in the winter.  It's great, a new year in Montana, The Last Best Place.  Taken 3/28/2006.
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Boy the smoke was laying in here thick yesterday morning.  I am not sure which fire it was from.  I heard rumors there was one down towards the mouth of Tullock creek and the paper says there is one down by Lodge Grass.  All I know is that it was smoky and miserable and HOT.  Taken 7/27/2006.
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The water running and hail falling from the thunderstorm that hit.  Just when I was getting going on haying this hit.  I will have to see what kind of damage this has done to my hay and grass.  Taken 6/8/2006.
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This time of year any spare time I get goes to fighting "The Enemy."  It might be hard to see, which makes it even harder to fight, but that is knapweed growing.  Part of the place has a lot of it on it.  I spend most of my time trying to stop the spread from the real contaminated areas.  If I get a chance I work on the bad areas later.  Taken 6/7/2006.
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A last look at the fall colors this year.  Most of the leaves are gone now and another possibility of snow is on the way.  Taken 10/02/2006.
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Waiting for their cake on a cold morning.  Taken 1/19/2006.
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Brockled face calf with its mom.  Calves like this are so cute.  Taken spring 2004.
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A baby calf from the two year-old heifers trying to stay warm and dry.  Taken 2/13/2005.
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Viewed: 3186 times
Cows waiting for feed.  Sorry, I can't work up any more creativity than that.  Taken 12/25/2007.
Viewed: 3185 times
The yearling heifers waiting for a bite of feed on a cold morning.  It was -20 F around here.  Too damn cold for this time of year.  The cattle might be ready for it but I definitely wasn't.  Taken 11/29/2006.
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We took a few more pairs up to the high country after the branding them.  The calves were a little sore yet but we took our time and made it fine.  I needed to get some of the cattle off the water in the pasture they were in.  With these gone it should help the situation.  Taken 5/22/2006.
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A couple of calves curious at what I ws up to.  Taken 4/13/2007.
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Looking South across the place in the early morning the day of branding.  It was a peaceful sight.  The corral we brand in is towards the center of the picture but unless you know where it is, you can't see it.  Taken 5/19/2007.
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This is what the road across one of my big open flats looked like during the recent snowstorm.  Real easy to see. isn't it.  I went slow and stayed near it until I was across the flat and could pick the road out better.  Taken 2/12/2007.
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The cows walking towards the pickup and their feed.  The way their backs lined up with the horizon then to the blue sky intrigued me.  Taken 2/19/2006.
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It didn't take long to get the first calf.  Actually there was two but this is the only one I could get a good picture of.  Taken 2/4/2006.
Viewed: 3177 times
A cold snowy morning and the caows think they need fed.  They are so spoiled.  Taken 11/9/2005.
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Turned the cattle into a new pasture and they sure are enjoying the fresh grass.  Taken 6/28/2007.
Viewed: 3176 times
Heifers slogging through the snow for some cake.  Taken 11/27/2005.
Viewed: 3176 times
The cows chasing after better hay on a cold morning.  Taken 1/11/2007.
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"Look, he brought us some salt, dig in."  Taken 5/24/2007.
Viewed: 3176 times
A beautiful September day.  Taken 9/26/2005
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Snow falling gently and peacefully.  In a way avery soothing sight.  Taken 1/8/2006.
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This is what really irritates me about hunters.  Cut your fence for their convenience.  It might not be fair to lump all of them together for the sins of a few, but how am I supposed to tell the difference between the good and bad ones?  Taken 4/22/2006.
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It didn't take long to get the first calf.  Actually there was two but this is the only one I could get a good picture of.  Taken 2/4/2006.
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Chasing cows across the green grass.  It sure is a pretty sight out there.  Taken 5/11/2007.
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Viewed: 3175 times
Rounding up strays from a neighbor's place.  No fancy national ID tags involved, just a brand and a lot of common sense.  Taken 7/31/2006.
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Viewed: 3174 times
One of the many sandstone formations scattered around the area.  They are always interesting to look at and study.  Taken 6/2/2006.
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The way fence lines break up scenery is interesting to me.  Taken 11/17/2006.
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these little baby grouse weren't sure where to go after the fire.  They were wandering around half lost.  There mother was there but she was confused to.  Taken 8/1/2006.
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One of the Two-year old heifers with it's baby calf.  It's RED baby calf.  Where the h**l the red color came from is beyond me.  The cows will throw an occasional red calf but I have never had it on a black two-year old before with the bulls I use.  I have to admit he is a cule little devil though.  Taken 3/10/2006.
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Just a picture to show you how dry it is around here.  Big cracks are opening up in the ground like I have never seen before.  I did not have to force the shovel in at all, it's just sitting there.  Taken 9/9/2006.
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I'll never figure my critters out.  With all kinds of good feed out on the flats, they decide they need to act like mountain goats and cling to the steep hill sides grazing.  Go figure.  Taken 5/26/2007.
Viewed: 3167 times
The cows scattering out on thier new pasture.  The fresh grass really stopped them in thier tracks.  Usually they move on better.  Taken 4/11/2006.
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Viewed: 3166 times
This herd of turkeys caught my eye.  There are a large number of all game birds around this year.  It must have been a good year for them.  That and there is not many coyotes around to prey on them.  Taken 8/31/2006.
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We cleaned out the windmill pasture the other day and this is all we could find.  Everything else moved out to the better grass towards home on their own.  Lucky or not is the question.  We found 13 critters while gathering on the 13th of the month.  I'm not worried but some people might be.  Taken 9/13/2007.
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Beautiful day in Montana.  If you look real close you can see some cows grazing to the right of the rock formation.  Taken 4/17/2007.
Viewed: 3161 times
The bum calves we had around the house all summer think they are more horse than cow having run with Nylon all summer.  I called them the buddies after they bonded so.  I took the calves in to the auction the other day. I think Nylons happier now that he doesn't have the calves following him around.  Taken 10/28/2006.
Viewed: 3158 times
Mittens trotting along to keep up with me.  For an outside cat he is very social.  Taken 9/18/2006.
Viewed: 3157 times
The 4 bums named Fred picking thier way through the snow of a late April storm.  Taken 4/20/2005
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The road on the way home.  This is about 2 miles in looking north towards home with another 8 miles to go.  Taken 10/25/2005.
Viewed: 3155 times
Nine in the morning and the pairs are hanging around water contentedly chewing their cud.  That means there is plenty of grass and water to keep them happy.  What a nice sight.  Taken 5/6/2006.
Viewed: 3154 times
Replacment heifers waiting for feed.  You can see the bulls in the background wanting the same thing.  Getting a lot of winter pretty early this year.  Taken 11/28/2005.
Viewed: 3154 times
The flexibility of a cows tongue.  They clean their nose out with it.  Taken 2/11/2007.
Viewed: 3154 times
The bums lounging around the creep feeder.  I took them out and put them with the sick, lame and lazy bunch and decided to be nice for a change and give them some creep feed.  They are doing good on it.  Taken 7/16/2007.
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Sox, a barn cat, is getting pretty old now but he still gets along pretty good.  Taken 10/12/2005.
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Boy was I glad to get horseback again.  I had spent way to many hours on a tractor seat and needed to get out riding again.  Now if it was just a little cooler.  Taken 6/28/2006.
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I had too many cows using one well and it couldn't keep up so I drove some down to another well.  Boy was it dusty.  Shows how dry it is around here.  I hope the lightning stays away.  Taken 7/12/2006.
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My Darling Wife got this picture the other day.  It really struck me.  It really tells you how different people see things.  I looked at the same thing and never considered taking a picture.  She sees it and snaps a wonderful shot.    Taken 11/4/2007.
Viewed: 3148 times
This particular pair kept hiding out on me as I was cleaning out the Williams place.  The only proof I had she existed was this picture.  I finally found here yesterday and got her out.  Damn fine calf the old girl is raising.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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Viewed: 3141 times
The texture of the sun across this rock is interesting.  Why I took it I don't know but I like it.  Taken 11/19/2005.
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Viewed: 3140 times
The other day we trailed the cows out of the hills a little closer to home.  Here you see them following the trail home.  It was a beautiful day for doing it.  Overall it's been beautiful for quite a while.  Warm and dry, damn the bad luck.  Taken 11/2/2007.
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Cows cleaning up hay on the feed ground.  Date taken Unknown.
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Just an interesting shot I got the other day.  It didn't work out quite the way I wanted it to.  Taken 9/19/2006.
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Viewed: 3136 times
The yearlings eating their hay on a nice morning.  We had a touch of rain earlier but the sun was out now and getting nice.  Taken 1/4/2007.
Viewed: 3134 times
The light dying out on another day.  I wish I would have had the good camera for this picture.  It would have been a lot nicer.  Taken 10/25/2005.
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A hazy, foggy morning after a good shot of rain.  It stayed hazy most of the day with all of the moisture in the air.  Taken 3/31/2006.
Viewed: 3130 times
The calves coming up and trying to figure out what I am up to.  I love this set of calves because they aren't very spooky.  No matter what I do they come up towards me and are curious as to what I am doing.  Hopefully this means they will be somewhat gentle.  Taken 1/09/2007.
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Viewed: 3130 times
The water and mud we are having to deal with under all the snow.  What a mess.  Taken 3/29/2006.
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Here is a picture of the heifer calves that I sold.  My Darling Wife managed to take a few shots while I was busy.  Everybody present commented on how framy the calves were and how they are really prepared to gain weight for the buyers.  A little more grass and I could have put some more weight on them.  Taken 9/29/2006.
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Was this miserable.  Wind blowing strong, snow falling, cold temperatures.  Almost like a blizzard but not enough snow was coming down for that.  This morning it has cleared off and is -20F out the wind is still blowing.  The wind chills are going to be fierce out there.  Taken 2/1/2007.
Viewed: 3125 times
Threatening clouds.  It's been a while since I saw this.  I even got a little scared.  Water drops fell from the sky and hit me.  I thought the sky was falling.  Then I remembered this thing called rain and decided that was what was happening.  Got a good 1 inch rain out of it. You know what I mean, one drop every inch.  Better than nothing I guess.  Taken 7/25/2006.
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Finally started feeding the cows today.  They were very happy.  Taken 12/6/2005.
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Viewed: 3123 times
A new momma trying to coax her calf to follow her to the feed ground.  She never could convinve it to come all the way.  It finally retreatred back up the hill and laid down until mom was done.  Taken 3/6/2006.
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Viewed: 3123 times
Looking for the yearlings so I could pull the bulls off them.  I am sure glad there were none over there, it's a tough ride to try to get to them.  Taken 6/29/2006.
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Viewed: 3121 times
A couple of calves coming in to feed after our little snow storm.  We got a couple of inches of snow is all.  I guess a little is better than none at all but it sure isn't much.  Taken 12/29/2006.
Viewed: 3120 times
The cows patently wating for thier feed after a small snow storm.  Taken 12/30/2005.
Viewed: 3120 times
It's cold and the flowers are freezing down.  Winter is coming.  Taken 11/24/2005.
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Buster, the barn cat a hired man left.  After he got to know us he is a real nice cat.  Taken 11/19/2005.
Viewed: 3119 times
This is the cake that I feed in the winter to the cattle. It's just a compressed grain product.  Taken 11/15/2005.
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Gathering the replacement heifers to work them today.  Vaccinations, pour-on and the vet will be here to Bangs vaccinate them.  Taken 11/06/2006.
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I haven't seen many flowers this spring so this flower set in these Yucca caught my eye.  Taken 5/11/2008.
Viewed: 3117 times
Two year old heifers and their calves on a hillside enjoying the sun after morning feeding.  Taken 4/1/2005.
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Viewed: 3116 times
Yearling on a cold morning waiting for hay.  Taken 1/18/2004.
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This heifer was so excited to have a calf she didn't know what to do with it.  She kept throwing it around with her head and knocking it down she was so excited.  I had to get in the stall with her and keep her occupied so the calf, who was really a go getter, could get up to her and nurse.  The cow wasn't real happy with the situation but I managed it and the calf got a belly full of milk.  Taken 3/81/2007.
Viewed: 3114 times
The leaves are gone and winter is coming.  Taken 11/24/2005.
Viewed: 3114 times
Cows soaking up the morning sun after a cold night.  Taken 1/22/2006.
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Viewed: 3112 times
The two-year olds streaming onto the hat being fed.  The full moon was beautiful this morning but with the camera I was carrying I was never able to get a good shot of it.  You can see it a little here.  Taken 1/14/2005.
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The same picture with a whirl technique.  Kind of interesting.
Viewed: 3108 times
The calves on feed.  Hopefully the extra energy will help get them over their cold/cough.  Taken 11/19/2006.
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Viewed: 3107 times
The cranes are back in the country.  There has been a pair nesting here for about 3 years now and they keep coming back.  They overflew us twice while feeding so I assume they are letting us know they are here.  Taken 4/7/2006.
Viewed: 3106 times
The sun coming up on a cold morning and the cows think that it feels pretty good.  Taken 11/09/2005.
Viewed: 3106 times
We are gathering up the yearling replacement heifers to work them.  My girls were holding up the yearlings in  a corner when I rode up.  The picture with the so big sky was really intriguing.  Taken 8/22/2007.
Viewed: 3105 times
A few old cull cows I took to the auction yesterday.  The summer was tough on these old gals and it was time for them to go.  Taken 10/10/2006.
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Viewed: 3103 times
Some Yearlings out grazing after all the moisture.  They are really enjoying the green crested wheat grass that is growing.  Taken 10/23/2006.
Viewed: 3102 times
Viewed: 3102 times
I finished cleaning the Williams place out today.  The last of the cows coming in.  Taken 8/31/2005
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Viewed: 3101 times
Here is a sight ten years ago you never saw around here, White Tail deer.  Now they are becoming more and more prevalent.  Taken 8/7/2007.
Viewed: 3101 times
Getting ready to brand the old cows calves.  We branded the last of the calves up the other day.  old cows and late calvers.  The youngest of these old cows is 14 years old and the oldest was 19.  That's damned old for a cow.  Taken 6/9/2007.
Viewed: 3099 times
The cows grazing along in the fog.  It doesn't bother them.  Taken 10/10/2005
Viewed: 3098 times
Almost every year I get a bunch of old cows that I keep down by home for the summer to raise their last calf before I sell them.  This year it's a pretty tough looking bunch of cows.  The youngest is 14 years old and the oldest is 20.  Taken 4/16/2006.
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Viewed: 3096 times
The tall grass swaying in the breeze.  I found out today the cows are scared to walk in the tall grass.  I never knew that.  It really made them hard to move.  Taken 9/23/2005.
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Another picture of a pair taken on 8/6/2005.
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Why my cattle get this irresistible urge to play mountain goat on the steepest ridges they can find is beyond me.  It sure makes gathering them hard though.  Taken 5/11/2006.
Viewed: 3093 times
Bringing in a two-year old and a cow with foot rot.  Not an every day occurence but something that needs done.  Taken 1/30/2006.  Where's the snow?
Viewed: 3092 times
The Williams Place looking west.  Fantastic sight.  When I say I am taking cattle into my high country this is it.  Taken 4/22/2006.
Viewed: 3091 times
Mittens enjoying the sun on a cold day.  Taken 12/4/2005.
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Viewed: 3090 times
The hawk taking off from his perch.  Taken 8/16/2006.
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The yearlings grazing peacefully on their new pasture.  Taken 7/7/2006.
Viewed: 3085 times
It's funny how much better things look after a rain storm.  This is why I call it God's Country.  Beautiful.  Taken 9/19/2006.
Viewed: 3084 times
Fog burning off early in the morning.  Taken 3/31/2006.
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Viewed: 3084 times
The previous picture I was looking west, into Tullock creek country.  This picture I turned around 180 degrees and am now looking east into the Rosebud river country.  To see Sarpy Creek I would have to turn to my north since this is the very head of the Sarpy Creek which then runs to the north from here.  Taken 5/3/2006.
Viewed: 3084 times
The cows wandering up to the feed truck looking for hay on a very beautiful day.  Taken 1/23/2008.
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Viewed: 3081 times
One of the first two calves on the cows this year.  This momma has enough milk for two babies let alone this one.  He ought to do good.  Taken 3/4/2006.
Viewed: 3081 times
With haying over I finally got the fire fighting rig mounted up.  I got it new last year at the end of fire fighting season, what planning, and it has never been used.  I would like to keep it that way but I know it's impossible.  I am going to use it for a feed tank to my sprayer on my 4 wheeler when I am chasing knapweed.  I figure it will work good for that.  Taken 7/13/2007.
Viewed: 3079 times
I loved this calf looking under his mom at what I was doing.  It really struck me.  Taken 3/10/2007.
Viewed: 3078 times
The cows very impatiently waiting for feed.  There was a couple of calves at this point and there will be a lot more to come.  Calving Season=Spring.  Don't you love it?  Taken 3/5/2006.
Viewed: 3078 times
A two year old cow nursing her baby.  Taken in the spring of 2004.
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Viewed: 3077 times
The fog is finally lifting out.  The day turned out to be real nice and is fianlly starting to settle the mud.  Taken 10/10/2005.
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A frosty, colorful morning.  Taken 11/16/2006.
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Yearlings are curious critters and they were not real interested in moving for me.  More curious at what I was up to.  We got them moving and to their new home eventually.  Taken 4/4/2006.
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Viewed: 3071 times
The last of the pairs literally running for the gate to get out to the hills with the rest of the cows.  We couldn't get these few to mother up right the day before but they finally did and are out.  Taken 4/16/2006.
Viewed: 3071 times
The latest storm brought more wind than snow to the area.  Here, the calves are huddled under the bank out of the wind with only a couple of them showing.  Any port in as storm you know.  Taken 1/11/2007.
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I found this curious rock formation when I was fighting the last fire I talked about.  Normally sandstone like this wears down even but this rock had harder outer layers still intact where softer inner layers were gone leaving it looking like Swiss cheese.  I never could really get a good picture of it to show it's full characteristics, this is the best shot I got.  Taken 9/7/2006.
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I took this a while ago.  If you look real close you can see the cattle streaming down the road while cleaning out the Williams place.  Taken 9/7/2007.
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Our little fire burning on a ridge top.  The paper says it is about 70 acres.  put the fire out and lined where needed before the crew got there.  We left it in their capable hands.  Taken 7/15/2006.
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Viewed: 3068 times
I caught this little fella chewing on a pine cone while I was checking a water hole.  I had noticed for quite a while that something had been chewing on the tree but wasn't sure what.  Turns out it wasn't chewing the tree but chewing the pine cones.  My Darling Wife told me it was a chipmunk.  I wasn't sure and did some research and discovered it to be a Red Squirrel.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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Viewed: 3065 times
Birds on a wire.  I don't know the make and model of birds but I liked the picture.  Taken 10/15/2006.
Viewed: 3065 times
The green grass and bush against the blue sky with the moon posed in it really caught my eye.  Hope it does yours.  Taken 5/16/2006.
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Viewed: 3064 times
We had a little bit of an ice fog going on here the other day.  This may look like a black and white image, but it's not.  It just shows all the color there was on this day.  Taken 3/1/2007.
Viewed: 3063 times
Fresh snow on Valentines Day with more snow and cold weather to come.  It's going to be miserable.  Taken 2/14/2006.
Viewed: 3062 times
I had to doctor a few calves for sickness and pull porcupine quills out of another.  I have had to doctor more calves than I am used to and I don't like it.  Taken 9/26/2005.
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Viewed: 3059 times
I sure have been seeing a lot of hawks around lately.  Can't complain though since they eat lots of little rodents I don't like.  Taken 10/15/2007.
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I disturbed this poor little calf so he got up and is stretching out.  Taken 3/15/2007.
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Viewed: 3056 times
Gathered up some drys, cows that have no calves, and late calvers to sell.  I have a semi load that will go out this afternoon and be on the auction tomorrow.  Next week or the week after there will be another load to go out.  That is one load to many.  Between the late snowstorm and the dry year last year things didn't work out to well.  Taken 5/14/2007.
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Viewed: 3055 times
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Two year old heifers enjoying their hay on a wintry day.  Taken 1/20/2008.
Viewed: 3052 times
The calves are growing good and the cows are happy in their new pasture.  Also a little photo manipulation via GIMP, the free photo manipulation software that's on par with photoshop.  Taken 7/9/2006.
Viewed: 3052 times
Taking shelter from the wind.  Even my working right nearby would not spook him out of this shelter.  Taken 2/13/2008.
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Do you want to know what happens when mom decides to calve next to the water tank?  A muddy calf.  She's cleaned him up pretty well and he's doing fine.  Taken 2/8/2006.
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Viewed: 3044 times
The two-year olds trekking up the final hill to their new pasture.  They were not appreciative of the upward trek while we were doing it.  They have settled down now and are really enjoying it.  Taken 5/12/2006.
Viewed: 3043 times
I couldn't stand it anymore.  These cows had been standing in the corner for 4 days wnating to come home.  They finally made me feel guilty enough I opened the gates so they could come home.  Taken 11/18/2005.
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Viewed: 3042 times
It finally got dry enough to ship the second semi load of drys, with some old bulls, out of here.  I had quite a few more drys than normal this year thanks to the extremely dry year last year and tough calving season this spring.  That's the breaks though.  You have a routing of selling all the cows with no calves you keep it up and sell them.  Taken 6/19/2007.
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Somewhere here there is a Christmas Tree.  Taken 12/16/2005.
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I like the looks of this guy.  The buyer said that it costs quite a bit to truck our cattle to Kansas but he more than makes up for it when he sells them on the rail, and that was our last year scrubs.  I wonder how the good stuff will do.
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Viewed: 3037 times
A cow approaching me thinking the camera is cake that she can eat.  She had absolutely no fear and was just sure the camera was something to eat.  You can even see her licking her lips in anticipation.  Taken 12/30/2006.
Viewed: 3037 times
Two year old eating on a flake of hay.  Taken 1/23/2008.
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Viewed: 3035 times
Early morning gather at my branding last week.  Yes, there is cows in front of me, they might be hard to see but they are there.  Taken 5/20/2006.
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Viewed: 3032 times
Bringing the heifers home to calve and they seemed to get excited here and were in a real hurry.  Don't know why, never been home so they don't know food is there.  Taken 2/3/2006.
Viewed: 3032 times
The yearlings waiting for me to open a gate so they could go to the hills.  Taken 4/14/2007.
Viewed: 3032 times
The Apsaalooke Nation is logging some timber near me.  I drove up to take a look the other day.  Quite the operation.  The sawmill at Sealy Lake bought the timber.  They are sure transporting it a long ways.  Taken 11/02/2006.
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I hate spiders, but this one didn't bother me as much as usual.  Maybe because it was so big.  With legs it is a little bigger than the palm of my hand.  Still a pretty scary creature, and the biggest spider I have ever seen out here.  Taken 7/19/2006.
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It was just a beautiful day and seemed to me like a beautiful shot.  The only way it would have looked better is if it had been raining.  Taken 10/10/2007.
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Viewed: 3029 times
The yearlings eating thier daily ration of cake.  Taken 11/18/2005.
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The cattle contentedly grazing on the dry, brown grass.  Bitch as I will about it the dry, brown grass has a lot of punch to it and the calves are really growing well on it.  Less than a month to shipping.  Let them put on the pounds.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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We had a little fire yesterday and I truly believe this helicopter saved the day for us.  We got it under control and only burned about 50-75 acres.  The next couple of days will be busy with short nights and long days watching the fire cool down and not leave its containment.  Taken 8/6/2007.
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Viewed: 3027 times
I think this is the most snow we have gotten all winter.  It sure looks pretty with the sunshine, even though the mud as it melts is a pain.  Taken 2/14/2007.
Viewed: 3026 times
The cows looking across the fence wanting to come home.  Taken 11/18/2005.
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The cows waiting for cake on a sunny morning.  Taken 11/29/2005.
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Out spraying knapweed now.  With the new firefighting rig I figured I had a good way to fill the sprayer on the 4 wheeler so I cut down an old horse trailer to haul the 4 wheeler around.  Boy this rig sure works great.  Almost looks professional, don't it.   Taken 7/31/2007.
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This delicate little flower just caught my attention and begged me to take its picture.  Taken 8/15/2007.
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This calf is sure casting a suspicious eye on me and the camera.  Taken 2/13/2007.
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Viewed: 3015 times
When I put a submersible pump in a well I hang it on black plastic but a few metal pieces are always required. When I put the pump in the new well with the big tank the other day I noticed the place of origin of all the metal pieces and had to take a picture of it.  Italy, Canada, Thailand and Taiwan.  The hired man said it was an international well.  I wondered about American manufacturing.  Just found the whole thing interesting.  Taken 6/14/2006.
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Snow drift from our latest little snow storm.  There wasn't enough snow to cause to much trouble but the tumbleweeds around here really caused it to drift in the fences.  Damn tumbleweeds.  Taken 1/12/2007.
Viewed: 3013 times
Cows and calves resting in the shade of some very small trees.  Instead of finding nice, big trees for shade they took what was handy.  Taken 7/16/2006.
Viewed: 3013 times
If you look real close there is a coyote in the center of this picture.  The only thing I had on hand to shoot the coyote with was my camera.  Taken 10/22/2006.
Viewed: 3013 times
A little white again after our recent rain/snow.  It's a little wet around here.  Quite a change from this summer.  Taken 10/22/2006.
Viewed: 3013 times
The weather finally cleared up enough for the guy to come spray the weevil.  It's been years since I had to spray my alfalfa for anything.  It didn't seem to bother the cattle much.  Taken 6/2/2007.
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Cows and calves lolling around a rock formation after getting kicked out to the hills.  They are really scattering out and looking good.  I didn't have as many calves as I would have liked, the dry year last year and the late snow storm really knocked my numbers.  That's the breaks, means more replacement heifers to keep this fall.  Taken 4/18/2007.
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The cattle out grazing early in the morning.  You can see the smoke from the Derby Fire in the background of the sky.  It isn't reaching here so we are lucky.  Taken 9/6/2006.
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Something I haven't seen for a few years now, wild plums.  The springs have been so cool that they normally freeze out every year.  This year they didn't but I thought the blight got most of them.  I see it didn't since I found quite a few.    Taken 7/7/2006.
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The grass was so tall here that it almost looked like these were calves grazing, but that would be a wrong answer.  These are cows with grass up to and over their backs.  Taken 10/8/2007.
Viewed: 3006 times
The fog was pretty thick on this morning which is a little unusual around here.  These cows were emerging from the fog going to water.  Taken 10/10/2005.
Viewed: 3003 times
The cows eating thier hay and enfoying the sunshine.  It is fianlly starting to warm up a little.
Viewed: 3002 times
I was taking Lucky out for our after lunch/dinner constitutional when the colors struck me with the clouds in the background.  Taken 1/1/2006.
Viewed: 3002 times
I might not have gotten the rain from the last storm but I did get the fog.  It was a little weird to see fog at this time of year.  Taken 8/18/2006.
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I swear the closer we get the cattle to home, the larger the calves look and this is an example.  Truthfully though i am a little unhappy with the unevenness of the calves.  My calving was to spread out this year.  Taken 9/18/2007.
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Picking at grass after a late snow in May.   Taken 5/13/2005.
Viewed: 2999 times
The promise of rain in the clouds that fails to come.  Taken 8/23/2005.
Viewed: 2998 times
Some Sharptail Grouse that have been hanging around the stack yard.  Taken 1/28/2008.
Viewed: 2997 times
Gathering the pairs to sex the calves.  Taken 9/23/2005.
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Viewed: 2994 times
Just another spectacular Montana view.  I take such things for granted sometimes and know I shouldn't.  Enjoy.  Taken 11/02/2006.
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A hawk, I assume this one, has been nesting every year in the nest below it.  Earlier in the year I saw a couple of babies in the nest.  If they made it or not I don't know.
Viewed: 2993 times
Cow with calf at side just before I weaned and shipped the calves. Damn good looking pair if I say so myself. Taken 9/28/2004.
Viewed: 2993 times
A rare sight.  An immature, no horns, white jackalope.  Don't see this very often.  Taken 12/19/2005.
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One day when I was counting cattle through a gate, my daughter asked me how I could keep track of the count.  I told her, "Some people, like Grandpa, count the number of ears that go by then divide by 2 to get the number of cattle through the gate.  I can't do that, I always end up with an odd number.  I find it easier to count the number of feet that go by and divide by 4.  That makes more sense to me."  She didn't think much of my explanation, I don't know why.  Taken 1/23/2006.
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Geese coming in for a landing on a nearby field at sunset.  I was lucky to catch them.  Taken 3/10/2007.
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I'm trying something a little different this year.  Protein tubs.  They have been around for quite a while but I have never used them before.  They are big tubs with a free choice protein supplement in them which is supposed to help get some protein in the cattle when grazing the fall grasses that don't have much.  Here is a cow licking on one.  These particular ones are a new product on the market and I am not sure they are getting enough to do them any good.  I'll see how they do on them before I completely pass judgment but from what I see, I like the results.  Taken 11/19/2007.
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The light snowfall we got the other day.  They are talking about another system moving in this week.  I'm glad I've weaned and done.  I can sit and enjoy the moisture.  Taken 10/11/2006.
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I don't know how much more haying I will be doing.  This is a sample of some of the hail that hit here a little while ago.  Taken 6/14/2006.
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Viewed: 2987 times
The replacement heifers growing like weeds.  It looks like they found the burdock plants.  Taken 10/12/2005.
Viewed: 2987 times
Now that the weather has warmed up the horses are really shedding their winter hair.  This was just from one side of the horse I was riding.  I'm sure they are glad to be combed out.  Taken 4/14/2007.
Viewed: 2986 times
The cows waiting for there ration of cake on a snowy day.  Behind them is one of the haystacks of winter feed for them.  You can't see it all but there is about 500 tons of hay in this stackyard.  i truly don't believe I will have to feed a bit of the hay in this yard this winter.  Taken 12/21/2007.
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Viewed: 2985 times
Driving the hiefer pairs down to there new home that they will only be in for a week.  Taken 9/23/2005.
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img 1782
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Viewed: 2981 times
Clouds that look like they promise rain but it never comes.  Rain would sure be nice.  Taken 8/23/2005.
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Viewed: 2979 times
A cow enjoying the early morning sun on a cold morning.  She seemed to be giving me a look of "what do you want?"  This particular one is a two year old that had her first calf weaned this fall.  Pretty good shape for such a young critter.  Taken 12/2/2007.
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The cattle streaming in towards the corral during my branding on Saturday.  It made for quite a beautiful sight.  The only problem was that the 8 wrestlers I hired failed to show up so the crew was a little short.  We got them done though.  Taken 5/19/2007.
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This lone dead tree standing here with all the trees around it really struck me.  This is the Chimney Rock pasture.  Taken 9/5/2005
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The cows lounging around the water hole.  It's kind of funny, the cows travel together in bigger herds once the calves are weaned off of them.  There sure was a lot here.  Taken 10/11/2007.
Viewed: 2976 times
Now here is sight that in the middle of summer can really get a persons heart going.  Hell, even in the fall as dry as it a sight like this makes you worry.  The problem is it is not a fire.  they are blasting at the Sarpy Mine.  Whenever you see a black cloud in that direction in the summer you have to wait and see if it is a fire or the mine blasting.  Usually you know it's the mine because of the time they blast but sometimes they change their schedule and take a person by surprise.  Taken 11/2/2007.
Viewed: 2973 times
A fence line stretching off into the distance.  It was an intriguing sight. I do not claim responsibility for the grazing pattern you see here.  This was taken on a neighbors place.  Taken 11/17/2006.
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The colors on the rocks are like the colors on the trees in the fall.  They turn and intensify to make such interesting contrasts.  This was taken on one of the few nice days we have had in the past couple of weeks.  Otherwise, like today, it has been raining/snowing all the time.  Taken 10/13/2006.
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With the last of the snow melting off in the warm temperatures I thought it appropriate to post another snow scene.  Taken 2/17/2007.
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A couple of sharp tailed grouse foraging for food where I fed the cows earlier.  Taken 12/30/2005.
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The two-year olds streaming onto the hat being fed.  The full moon was beautiful this morning but with the camera I was carrying I was never able to get a good shot of it.  You can see it a little here.  Taken 1/14/2005.
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Nylon enjoying the early morning sun on a cool morning.  Note the steam rising off the ponds.  Taken 5/15/2007.
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I spent the weekend sorting steer pairs from heifer pairs in preparation for shipping.  We will finish the job today.  I've heard it rained quite a bit in Billings and other parts of the state.  We weren't so fortunate.  The dry parched ground could really use a good drink right now.  Taken 9/22/2007.
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Viewed: 2970 times
Cattails in the creek by the house.  Very little water in the summer here but enough for the cattails.  Taken 11/19/2005.
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The heifers really got spread out after thier little trot so i had to get up towards the front to slow the lead down.  I normally don't have this problem.  I don't know what got into them.  Taken 2/2/2006.
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A snow covered two year old heifer looking for feed in the morning.  Why we seem to get our winter in early February anymore is beyond me.  Chance of more snow continues around here which can make life difficult calving.  Taken 2/1/2007.
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Installing a large mining equipment tire for a stock tank.  After getting it in place you put concrete in the middle to seal it.  I got a very poor batch of cement and ended up having to break the cement back out and try again.  I bought some better quality cement and will try again.  Taken 7/18/2006.
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Gathering cattle in the early morning.  The sun was coming up and really highlighting the scene.  The dew was really heavy and you can see the tracks in the grass.  The rider is my youngest girl poking the cows along.  Taken 6/3/2007.
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Cattle grazing in the tall grass of a Montana range.  Taken 7/25/2005.
Viewed: 2962 times
The cows drifting in for their cake on a beautiful Christmas morning.  Taken 12/25/2007.
Viewed: 2962 times
A nice little heifer calf wondering what the hell I am up to.  Taken 8/1/2007.
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If you look really close, you will see a couple of cows on the hillside working in towards home for shipping.  The storm had drove a bunch into this hole back here and these were the last ones to work out.  Taken 9/19/2006.
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//The cows, minus calves, waiting in the orral to get worked.  I vaccinate and pour them all then run them out to the hills.  We got it done in good order.  Taken 9/29/2007.
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The cows are protesting the hay we are feeding.  It's not good enough quality for them.  I'll tell you, it's better than a snowball.  Taken 12/9/2005.
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A couple of pairs walking into water.  It sure looks nice and green.  It won't be much longer unless it cools down and rains a little.  Taken 5/15/2006.
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My Darling Wife got some pictures of turkeys yesterday.  She's luckier than I am, I can never get this close.  Taken 10/13/2006.
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This photo is from a while ago but is indicative of what is happening now again.  The water is running high as the rest of the snow melts in the 50+ temperatures we are getting.  You can see where the water was running and by the ice hung up in the tree how high it was earlier.  This photo was taken by My Darling Wife.  Taken 2/21/2007.
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The pair of Sandhill cranes that have been hanging around here.  Last year I seen their baby around but this year I don't see one. It must not have made it.  Hopefully they will have better luck next year.  Taken 9/5/2006.
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A little pheasant chick.  This one obviously was born wild here instead of planted.  You can tell by the size.  Taken  7/24/2007.
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Lots of Green Grass.  Not much water for the cattle to drink, a common problem in this area, but lots of grass.  Taken 4/22/2006.
Viewed: 2941 times
Cow with calf at side just before I weaned and shipped the calves.  Damn good looking pair if I say so myself.  Taken 9/28/2004.
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I was feeding the cow on the right cake and she wrapped her tounge almost around my hand.  She dure loves her cake.  Taken 12/10/2005.
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They claim that there will be moisture of some kind 90 days after a fog event.  We will have to wait and see.  Taken 10/10/2005
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A sample of our own personal fireworks display at the ranch. Taken 7/4/2006.
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Do you know how hard it is to get a picture that says cold?  This was my attempt.  It was below zero when this was taken.  Taken 11/29/2006.
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Viewed: 2937 times
A simple pine cone.  They really caught my eye the other day.  Taken 5/11/2007.
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The cows eating on their hay.  They could have probably gotten by a little longer without it but i have more than enough to get through the winter so I started feeding.  Taken 12/26/2007.
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Cutting pairs into the Williams place from the Chimminey Rock pasture and these were the ones left behind.  They were not too happy.  Taken 05/27/2004.
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The plum bushes are in full bloom around the area.  I wish there was a way to show you the smell they give off.  It is really great.  Taken 4/30/2007.
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The two-year old heifers in the snow we recieved from the recent storm.  I don't think they appreciated the snow but they are getting along all right now.  It's all melted now and the grass is growing more.  Taken 4/19/2006.
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Walking the two-year old heifers home to calve them.  They should be starting by the 10th of February but there is always a few early ones so I brought them home now.  It also lets them get used to the conditions around the houses, a lot more civilization than they are used to, before they start calving.  Taken 1/29/2007.
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An interesting piece of fence engineering by an interesting rock formation.  Taken 5/4/2007.
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We got a little bit of snow yesterday and some cold temperatures.  The cows really thought it was winter.  This morning it is 0 degrees Fahrenheit here.  Brr.  I'm sure the cows are going to be wanting to come home for a bale of hay.  I'll make them stay out and graze a bit yet, it isn't that bad yet.  Taken 10/30/2006.
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The cows trailing to the gate I just opened.  How they knew that I was going to open that gate and let them into a new pasture is beyond me.  Fresh grass won't hurt them though.  Taken 11/13/2006.
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Here's a picture from a while ago.  If you look real close you will see cows scattered across the flat grazing.  It was a beautiful sight to me.  Taken 10/13/2006.
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Geese taking off from a stubble field in the fall.  Taken 9/28/2004
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Our new dog Lucky after 1 month from being rescued by My Darling Wife.  He is so full of energy he doesn't know what to do with it all.  Taken 11/16/2005.
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One of these days I really need to consider getting rid of my old cows.  I Let cows go to the hills if they are in good shape.  I noted while cutting this cow is 17 years old.  She is in pretty good shape for being in the hills all summer but her calf is a little below par.  It will sell with the rest but it's just not great.  No surprise there.  Instead of getting rid of my old cows maybe I need to start a new breed of long lived cows that are capable of sustained production.  What a plan.  Taken 9/23/2007.
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Cows waiting for some feed during our recent snow.  I won't go so far as too say they are tired of winter yet, they love feed being delivered to them, but I think they could do without the wind and cold.  Taken 1/20/2008.
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Enjoy.  Taken 7/21/2007.
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The buyer really liked this calf, he was a bull, we missed branding him.  I didn't see anything special about him but to each his own.
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Beautiful early morning colors seen the other day.  They are so intriguing.  Taken 1/29/2006.
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One of my favorite pictures.  Green grass, flowers, hint of blue sky.  Beautiful country.  Taken June 2005.
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This is the same man that bought my odds and ends last year.  This is the last one he has on hand.  Looking good.
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Moving pairs to a different pasture.  They have been looking to move to fresh pasture and were getting a little restless.  Taken 6/28/2006.
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Just another cute calf.  Taken 4/13/2007.
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mvi 0319
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The cows coming into the feed ground for their hay.  They are sure a lot more excited about it now that there is a little snow on the ground, I am going to have to up them some.  Taken 12/30/2006.
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There be a Christmas tree up there, it's just up to me and my daughter to find one.  We did, but we walked a lot of country to do it.  I don't ever remember there not being some snow on the ground when we got our tree.  Damn this weather is weird.  Taken 12/14/2006.
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Humanities never ending, ugly footprint on the beautiful world we live in.  Taken 12/19/2006.
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Trailing Yearlings home to Preg check them tomorrow.  Taken 09/05/2005.
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Gathering pairs in the early morning.  I know this picture is old, the calves are weaned now, but sometimes I get behind posting things.  Taken 9/24/2006.
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Another shot of the plane that was spraying the alfalfa earlier in June.  The  angle I was at and the windmill there made for an interesting perspective.  Taken 6/2/2007.
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Looking down the top of one of the loads of hay we feed on a daily basis.  This is year old hay that is still in little squares.  Most of the newer stuff is in the big bales but we haven't got into that yet.  Taken 12/19/2006.
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An intersting looking moth that perched itself on the side of the house the other day.  Looks pretty.  Taken 5/12/2006.
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The cows working in so I can give them a little cake.  They came from miles once I started honking the pickup horn.  They sure were looking forward to it.  Taken 11/21/2006.
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Finally Home!  Look at that hay there is to eat.  Taken 2/3/2006.
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Pushing cows up to the corner where I can sort pairs out to the hills.  The green color this year is stunning.  I just wish the grass was growing faster.  Taken 4/18/2007.
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I know it's very hard to see but it's the best shot I could get.  There's a bear right in the middle of the picture going up the hill.  It's been two years since I last saw a bear in this country.  They are pretty scarce but occasionally you do see one.  Taken 6/18/2006.
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I finished cleaning the Williams place out today.  The last of the cows coming in.  Taken 8/31/2005
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I know it is a little hard to see, but there is a bunch of mud bird nests in these rocks.  I had never seen so many in this particular spot before.  Taken 6/13/2007.
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The Bighorn Mountains in the distance with the snow still on them really caught my eye.  We might see some snow her closeup later in the week.  Preliminary forecasts are predicting up to 2 feet of snow in the area.  Taken 3/25/2007.
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Moving the the Two-year olds to higher country.  Looking down on some of them thinking I have to ride down and get them, can't they be more cooperative.  Taken 5/12/2006.
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The yearlings, it won't be to much longer and I will call them 2 year olds, scattered out on the grass getting fat and sassy.  Taken 11/02/2005.
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Some fine grazing here.  The funny thing is they are just moving through this pasture on the way home for ship[ping.  I think I will put the cows back out here after shipping to graze this off.  It's nice to have lots of grass for a change.  Taken 9/12/2007.
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You can sure tell fall is in the air.  The trees are changing colors.  It's kind of pretty.  Taken 9/23/2005.
Viewed: 2859 times
A couple of hen pheasants outside our house on a windy day.  The past 10 years or so the bird population has really taken off for some reason.  I'm not complaining but it is interesting.  Taken 12/13/2005.
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This heifer was just contentedly laying there enjoying the sun not at all concerned about me.  Unusual for my cattle, they usually don't like people.  Taken 3/15/2007.
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Viewed: 2856 times
The cows drifting towards their calves so I can move them to a new pasture for branding.  Damn, the country looks good this year.  Taken 5/11/2007.
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Wild turkey trying to hide in the undergrowth.  Taken 5/2/2005
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The yearlings on their way to the waterhole in the Mountain pasture, where this picture was taken.  They are always the first bunch we take out to the hills in the spring.  Taken 4/4/2006.
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The way the sun was slanting down casting shadows from the grass was interesting to me.  The picture worked out better than I expected.  Taken 12/30/2006.
Viewed: 2837 times
The Red Tailed Hawk that nest around here.  I had to try the new version of GIMP out for photo manipulation.  It's getting slicker an slicker all the time.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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Viewed: 2837 times
Out for the morning walk.  If you look real close the two kids who stay home for school are walking in the bottom right corner.  Best seen in the 1200x900 size.  Taken 9/6/2005.
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This is actually a very rare sight in my country.  The hunting pressure is high enough to keep them pretty thinned out.  Taken 4/6/2005.
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Viewed: 2834 times
My Great-Granddad's brand carved in Chimney Rock and the date 1927.  If nothing else proves Great-Granddad was a farmer at heart, his choice of brand proves it.  He used both an X and a B in his brand which both blotch something fierce when applied.  The brand is still in the family even though it isn't used anymore since it is such a poor brand.  Taken 6/4/2007.
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I wish I would have had a wide enough angle to get all the cows scattered across the flat but I didn't.  They sure think they need a bale of hay with the fresh snow on the ground.  Maybe  later.  Taken 11/28/2005.
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They have been burning slash just east of my place for a couple of days now.  They did quite a bit of logging after our nasty fire a few years ago and the slash piles must be ready to burn.  It sure took me by surprise when I came over the hill and saw it.  Taken 1/18/2006.
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Mama and two babies trying to decide how threatening I am.  They finally left the country.  Smart move, when the hunters start roaming the area they had better not be this gentle or they won't last long.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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Yearling Heifers coming in for feed after a cold, windy night.  Taken 12/5/2005.
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Crystals that were all over everything a few days ago.  They look cold and it was that morning.  Taken 12/30/2006.
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We moved Yearlings to a different pasture the other day and here they are, strung out, tailing along the road.  Why they felt the need to be scattered out over a mile long is beyond me but they got where they belonged.  Taken 6/29/2006.
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We gathered the far, rough pasture yesterday to get the cows closer to home for shipping.  Here we are trailing them up the raod on the way out.  You might remember earlier in the summer i said I lost a cow to lightning.  The dinky calf in the back is her calf.  That's what happens to calves that lose their mothers.  Taken 9/7/3007.
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The yearlings on their way home.  I like to take them to fresh pasture after I am done shipping since they calve earlier than the cows and could stand the extra nutrition.  Taken 10/06/2005.
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Getting up close an personal with a cold yearling heifer.  Of course she was looking for a piece of cake.  I gave her one when I was done taking her picture.  You will note the lack of an ear tag.  That's part of my problem with NAIS, ear tags don't stay in.  Taken 11/29/2006.
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This coyote was real gentle and didn't want to run away.  I will have to start packing a rifle and get him.  Taken 10/10/2005.
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The cows eating their hay as the sun comes up in the morning.  Taken 1/8/2008.
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Turkeys and pheasant don't think much of all this weather.  They are out really picking around in the grass.  The pheasants are a little bit behind the turkeys.  Taken 11/30/2005.
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Peeking over a hill to view more Montana landscape.  I've always called these simply The Rocks.  Taken 9/7/2005.
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It seems to keep snowing a little every night.  You could really see the snow covered backs of the heifers this morning.  Taken 12/4/2005.
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Full bellies, green grass and shade.  Life is good according to these cattle.  Taken 6/12/20006.
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Series of shots taken of an antelope as it ran from me.  Taken 2/28/2005.
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Cedar trees growing in the bottom of a draw.  This one draw grows a lot of cedar trees for some reason.  I've always enjoyed looking at them.  Taken 9/18/2006.
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Pretty picture in and of itself, but if you really look in the grass in the middle of the picture you can see some Sharptail Grouse doing their mating dance.  Taken 5/4/2007.
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snowball 2
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Started caking the heifers today. they were very glad to see it.  Taken 11/15/2005.
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Viewed: 2787 times
Flowers are starting to show their color.  I guess that means spring is here.  This comes up in a sheltered flower bed against a cement wall so it gets a lot more heat and warmth than the average spot around here.  Still, spring has sprung.  Taken 3/7/2006.
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This old snag laying on the ground really caught my eye.  It has a lot of character.  I don't know that it translates well in the picture.  Taken 11/17/2006.
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Viewed: 2787 times
The Rocks.  Taken 12/05/2006.
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The antelope are rally getting thick around here.  With the drought on they are hanging around the alfalfa fields chomping on what little alfalfa is growing back and there is not much a person can do about it.  They are getting so gentle they don't even run off.  Taken 7/13/2006.
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Rising sun reflecting off the clouds.  Taken 10/13/2005.
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The yearlings on their way home.  I like to preg check them before I ship to get it out of my hair.  We will take them right back out to pasture when we are done.  Taken 9/5/2005.
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A few yearlings on the skyline.  The perspective of the picture amazed me when I was done.  I wasn't that far away from them but the picture looks like I am miles away.  Taken 11/17/2006.
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The cows enjoying being out in the hills and away from the feed ground.  The calf appears to be enjoying his supper.  Taken 4/18/2007.
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A pair at the windmill water hole.  Taken 8/6/2005
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This is one of the best looking Two-year old heifers in the bunch.  I really liked the looks of her.  She's belongs to my oldest daughter.  I hope I can talk her out of any heifer calves on her, she has too god of genes to waste.  Taken 1/30/2007.
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A heifer trying to get a closer look at me and what I was doing.  The ice crystals on her whiskers really stand out in the larger picture.  Taken 1/31/2007.
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If you look at the large size of this you will see a fly on the flower.  Wildlife kind of.  Taken 6/14/2005
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I fooled them this time, they thought they were getting away from me but they were actually going right where I planned.  These steer pairs can be tricky.  Taken 9/28/2005.
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Looking down Sarpy creek.  We were out gathering the last pasture in this area bringing the cattle home for shipping.  I had opened the gates a while ago and there were only a few left in here.  Taken 9/14/2006.
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Trailing the two-year olds and their calves out to the hills.  There might not be much grass yet but they will get along until there is more.  Taken 4/17/2006.
Viewed: 2752 times
The cows out grazing in some alfalfa fields.  There were a lot of cloudy days through October but very little rain.  Damn the bad luck.  Some moisture sure would have been nice.  Taken 10/13/2007.
Viewed: 2749 times
This heifer decided the inside on the feeder would be a more comfortable place to lay.  She was also resting her chin on the lip of the feeder.  I guess that helped hold her head up.  Taken 3/3/2007.
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Some Yearlings wondering what I was up to.  For the record I was putting salt out.  Taken 10/13/2005.
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Gathering up the yearlings looking for the one that got away earlier that I wanted to sell.  Taken 10/18/2005.
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Gathering cows in the fog to work them out to the hills.  I don't see fog around here very often so it's not something I normally deal with.  Taken 4/24/2007.
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This yearling heifer really has a personality.  She has discovered she can step up to a person and take cake out of their hand.  Here she seems to be saying. "what you want, fool."  Taken 11/19/2006.
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Getting a drink early in the morning.  It's gotten dry enough the cattle are taking a little more water but it's holding up like a champ.  Taken 7/22/2007.
Viewed: 2726 times
The consequences of a cow meeting up with a porcupine.  She wasn't real happy with me by the time I was done.  Taken 10/1/2005.
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Wildlife might seem like a funny place to put this one but in the upper right corner there is a fox peeking over the rock and watching my boy walk along the hill underneath him.  Taken 6/20/2005.
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Mule deer doe and two fawns climbing a steep hill to get away from me.  Mule deer are a rare sight around here.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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Waiting very impatiently for cake.  Taken 11/27/2005.
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Some cows laying around content early in the morning.  The cows have been much happier this year with the feed and are more content than last year.  I take this as a good thing.  Taken 8/21/2007.
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You can see very little snow is left from the storm.  It all melted in the ground and should give us enough moisture to start next spring with.  That's a good thing at least.  Taken 10/05/2005.
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I got this picture the other day and thought I would pose a question.  I know the picture isn't the best in the world, damn smoke, but I still think you can make it out.  I use an Angus base in the cows but this calf is a throwback to some breeding my dad did almost 40 years ago.  Can anybody tell by looking at this calf what bulls he was using at that time?  Taken 8/16/2007.
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Close up of the cows tounge grabbing the cake from my hand. Shows a lot of dexterity. Taken 12/10/2005.
Viewed: 2684 times
The snow is finally baring off and the cows are out grazing.  They have been real restless since weaning but are finally calming down.  Taken 10/08/2005.
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When I was riding the other day I come across this.  It was so wet around here this spring, some of the hillsides slipped downhill a little bit.  I had seen quite a few smaller area that slipped but this one is the biggest I have seen yet.  The last time I seen it wet enough for this kind of behavior was the spring of 1979 when it was so wet in this country.  Taken 6/26/2007.
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A flock of young turkeys.  The older, wiser ones found a better way to hide from me.  Taken 10/13/2005.
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Trailing these steer pairs in to their shipping pasture the other day sure shows the difference in grass between my pastures and my neighbors pastures.  Can you say overgrazed?  Taken 9/26/2007.
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Cattle scattering out on lush green grass grazing.  For as lush and green as it was early in the year it sure got dry, and the grass worthless later on.  Taken 5/22/2006.
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Viewed: 2620 times
Mama laying with her new baby.  Taken 3/26/2007.
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Picture of a spider web on a foggy morning with the water droplets hanging on it.  I'm glad there is no spider in it.  Taken 8/19/2005.
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Kicking pairs out into the spring pasture on 4/12/2005.  We sort them horseback one pair at a time.
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A hawk coming in for a landing at it's nest.  There has been some nesting here for quite a few years.  A quick search of Montana raptors leaves me bewildered to its identity but I think it is a Red-tailed Hawk.  You can't see the tail real well but the habitat identity and the sound it makes are what lead me to believe this.  Taken 8/14/2006.
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I was spraying some knapweed when this cow wandered up and wondered what I was doing.  Sometimes they are so curious it is funny.  Taken 8/1/2007.
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Just another damned good looking pair.  Taken 7/14/2007.
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With all the smoke from the fires in the area, the lighting for taking pictures has been horrible.  You can see this here.  There is a cow and two calves standing under the tree.  I cleaned it up as best I could.  Taken 8/16/2007.
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Any rabbit my Darling Wife sees around the house she calls speedy.  It looks like he is posing here.  Taken 7/10/2005
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This was taken earlier while sorting cattle for shipping.  The cattle were highlighted against the sun and the flies were filling the air.  I was hoping to get a picture that would show the flies buzzing around in the early morning light.  It didn't work out but I liked the results anyway.  Taken 9/21/2007.
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I found this calf yesterday while checking water that wasn't feeling very good.  See how his right ear is tipping down.  Damn good sign there is a problem.  I managed to get him in and doctor him.  Hopefully all will be well now.  Taken 7/21/2007.
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Two year old heifers and their calves enjoying the sunshine.  Taken spring 2004.
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